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February 9th 2009
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8 February

Up very early this morning to get the 8am bus from Krakow to Bratislava (finally). Only two days late thanks to my inability to get my dates right.

Having arrived by train five days earlier I had worked out where the central bus station was and so made it there, and to the right bay, with plenty of time to spare. Even had time to pick up food (loaf of bread and cheese) on the way.

Only problem I ran into was that when I was trying to give my luggage to the driver to put underneath he kept saying no, few minutes. Eventually I figured out that all the luggage he was loading in one side was going to somewhere in Austria. After a while he came round to the other side of the bus and loaded my bag along with two other people's bags. Guess many people don't go to Bratislava!!

The bus trip actually went relatively quickly. We stopped twice during the eight hours I was on the bus, excluding a few stops to pick people up in little towns along the way. By the time of the first stop, I had finished the last of my books that I brought away with me. Thank goodness for ipods and sleep!!

After we had a ten minute lunch/ toilet break the driver put on a movie. I had been hoping that it might have been in English and when I saw Paul Mercurio I knew that it was Strictly Ballroom and figured it would probably be dubbed, so had a nap. When I woke up about half an hour into it, I discovered it was dubbed in such a way that you could actually still hear the English behind it if you listened carefully. The dubbing was all done by one man in a monotone Polish (presumably - could have been Austrian though I guess) accent. Every voice was this one man - he basically just narrated the whole thing. At any rate, being able to follow the movie made the afternoon go quickly and before I knew it it was 3:30 and we were in the outskirts of Bratislava.

When I got out I discovered very quickly it was POURING with rain. So, for about the second time, I used the waterproof cover for my backpack and even resorted to using my emergency poncho to cover my day pack and more of me than my waterproof jacket allowed. Needless to say though, the 15 minute walk turned into about a 45 minute walk due to my inability to follow either a map or have any sense of direction. I arrived at the hostel quite wet and didn't leave again that night trying to dry everything out.

9 February

After pouring with rain yesterday, I woke up this morning to find a light layer of snow over everything.

Took my time getting up and dressed and out, mostly due to the fact that everyone else seemed to be in a rush (trying to get packed and checked out) so I had to wait a while for a shower.

Spent the rest of the day wandering round the old town. Walked up to the castle which has some nice views over the city. Castle itself was unimpressive given it was covered in scaffolding. Walked through St Martins Gate and went to a few churches, including the Blue Church which was, as its name suggests, blue. Like a baby blue colour too - both inside and out. Quite cute and definitely memorable. Being a Monday though, pretty much everything was closed which was a bit unfortunate, so ended up going back to the hostel (which was incredibly empty) in the late afternoon and just chilling and watching a movie with the few people that were there (and using the internet naturally!).


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