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August 17th 2011
Published: August 18th 2011
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August 16-17-Our flight left syracuse at 4pm and we headed for Boston. there was nothing spectacular about the flight. once in Boston, we grabbed a bite to eat and made our way to the gate. The international terminal in Boston is quite posh and I enjoyed the access to a plug to charge my "Electronic toys" as my mom would call them. We boarded our next flight to Munich on Lufthansa airlines. The plane was very nice and included a "downstairs" area that was primarily for restrooms. Each of our seats had our own TV, and I was tempted to watch a movie in German just to prepare myself. The stewardesses were generally nice, except the one who was stationed to our area... she was very short with us. I have to say the service was a lot better than I am used to... we were given lots of snacks and drinks. After a taste of airline food, I decided to watch a little TV before I tried to catch some Z's. Once we tried to sleep we found that the seats were very uncomfortable...more so than usual. My mom went for a wander and found herself two seats that were open. So she moved back there and I tried to stretch out a little. We slept on and off for a few hours and before we knew it we had landed in Munich. Once we deplaned, we realized that the airplane was huge.... about twice the size that we have seen in the past. We grabbed out carry-on's.. (yes I said Carry-on's -my mom has a knack at losing we carry on).  The Munich airport was pretty impressive. It was very modern with lots of stores and cafes. I noticed a couple folks taking in breakfast including a beer.... We are in Germany! We looked thru a couple stores and I gawked over a very nice BWM and AUDI on displayed before heading to our gate. My mom says the flight was smooth...I had no clue because I was completely unconscious. I woke up to us landing in Vienna. The Vienna airport was nice. We grabbed our bags and headed for the train into Vienna. I noticed several dogs came into the airport to welcome home their families!! The train system was very easy to navigate and after three local trains, we hoped the train to Bratislava. After a few minutes, Mayer, our friendly train ticket taker came to collect our tickets. He immediately noticed we did not validate our tickets!! (OOPS) We was going to charge us a full fair, but we acted dumb and he only charged us a 6 euro surcharge.... SO MAYER, the Train ticket taker, gets a huge callout. Thanks Mayer! After an hour of head banging (dozing where your head falls forward) we stepped off the train in Bratislava. WOW... it was a little bit of a shock... the train station made us feel like we were in a time warp. We quickly validated our tickets and grabbed a taxi to head for our hotel. The hotel checkin was a little bumpy, but they found a room for us. Our room is plain but clean and we quickly fell into bed for a nap. After a refreshing snooze, we headed for dinner. Right outside the front doors of our hotel is a lovely park area lined with outdoor cafes. It reminds me of most Bratislava was out strolling this evening. We enjoyed dinner at a Brazilian restaurant while we people watched. My dinner (kebobs) came hanging from an Iron hoop. Needless to say, it was delicious. WE were starving!!! After dinner, we partook in the Bratislava tradition of an evening stroll before tucking ourselves into bed. I think we are holding up pretty well for being awake almost 24 hours straight!


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