First full day in Slovakia

Published: June 4th 2012
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Julia woke up at 5:30. I tried to tell her it's not time to get up yet, mama only slept 4 hours, but her response was pretty nasty throw up. I thought this is just from her congestion - she didn't eat much but all the snot kept draining into her tummy. Then she threw up again, and again...and again....6 times total and only bile was coming out. She was also running fever and couldn't even hold water down. This only lasted 2 hours, we gave her anti nausea meds and soon introduced fluids and she was fine. She slept on and off the whole day.

I went to Ohnivko with Monika and Janka and had three small beers and came home. I also found out that Monika and Miso are engaged. Thanks Monika my friend for telling me this unimportant piece of information!!! I couldn't have more than 3 small beers - the last three days I have been operating on ~5 hours of sleep. I came home and we toasted with my parents, then Arthur, then Janka, to our safe arrival and all of the sudden it was morning. 😉 but trust me, it was a result of my exhaustion, not the alcohol! I promise! Remember, I said ~5 hours of sleep in three days.


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