Day 41 - Belgrade

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August 11th 2015
Published: August 12th 2015
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The capital of Serbia, Belgrade today. Off on another city tour. Mostly by bus but we also got off and did a few walks. First was to the St Sava Cathedral. This is still being built following the Nazi occupation and NATO bombings. The place is huge and the guide told us that the cupola alone weighed over 400 tonnes and a special crane had to be built to lift it into place. There is no money coming from the government so they are relying on donations to try and complete it........

Back to the bus, then into the main central pedestrian plaza for free time. We wander down to the markets and walk amongst the fruit, vegies and bric a brac. Nearly every stall had cartons of cigarettes on display, and a lot had all sorts of stuff. Plumbing fixtures, electrical stuff and then the clothes. A real mish mash and very squeezy between the rows. Didn't buy anything there but did enjoy the colors and aromas.

Back to our meeting point then onto another fortress where we get to see the confluence of the Danube and Sava Rivers. Also had Novak Djokevic's tennis courts highlighted on the banks of the Danube (huge complex). Back to the ship for lunch then a lazy afternoon. There was an optional tour to a Serbian Folklore show but we opted out of that one - think quite a few did as well. Chris had a nanna nap, along with quite a few others I think. I decided to walk back up to the town. Lots of steps from the ship then a short walk into the pedestrian area. Wandered the shops but only bought a magnet and some postcards.

Stroll back down the hill and stop in the ? cafe (yes the cafe's name is ? - evidently the owner put a cupola on the roof but the government said that only churches could have cupola's and he couldn't name it as a proper named restaurant so he called it ?). Cold beer to get me back down those stairs.

Back to the ship and ready for dinner. Chris has had a good snooze and we go to the port talk which is then followed by a performance of a string quartet. Dinner follows and then we go upstairs with a large group tonight. End up drinking and laughing till midnight. The ship has even started it's sailing as we leave to go to bed.


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