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Europe » Serbia » South » Nis October 3rd 2018

Objective numero dos on this trip was Mt. Midžor @ 2169 meters ASL (a.k.a., 7116') known to most people as the highest mountain in Serbia. I may have offended a local who asked me why I was going to Midžor and replied because it's the highest mountain in Serbia. He didn't think that was true and told me Đeravica was the highest. Of course, Đeravica is in Kosovo which to Serbs is still part of Serbia. Political and topographical distinctions aside, I did manage to summit Mt. Midžor yesterday at 12:26 pm local time after an easy, short hike from the ski chalet at Babin Zub. Incidentally, Đeravica is actually no longer considered the highest mountain in Kosovo. After a redrawing of the Kosovo-Macedonia border several years ago, Velika Rudoka, right on the border, is generally ... read more
Summit in Sight
Looking Back at Babin Zub
Skull Tower

Europe » Serbia » South » Nis October 2nd 2018

It’s our last day before dropping the hire car in Skopje. We are breaking the journey in Nis, mainly because it’s half way between Belgrade and Skopje. Nis has 3 very diverse tourist attractions; the 4th century Roman palace of Constantine the Great, an 18th century Turkish fortress and a 20th century Nazi Concentration Camp. It’s pouring with rain and takes almost an hour to fight our way out of Belgrade through the rush hour traffic, despite the old man going native and driving through red lights, in bus lanes, over pedestrian crossings etc. Eventually the rain clears and by the time we reach Nis it’s 20 degrees and sunny. After Novi Sad and Belgrade, we aren’t expecting to like Nis, but it’s actually quite nice. We walk through the pedestrian precinct to the fortress which ... read more
Nisville Museum
Nisville Museum
Nis Fortress - Bali-bey Mosque

Europe » Serbia » South » Nis January 4th 2018

We departed Sarajevo before sunrise on a very cold morning (-7) as we made our way through the beautiful snow covered mountains toward the Serbian border, it was so beautiful that we had to stop and take a few photographs of the moon illuminating the snow covered mountain pastures and throw a snowball or two. As was wound our way through the mountains we followed the pretty River Drin gorge to the city of Visegrad before crossing the Serb border near the Tara National Park. Here we had something of a dilemma I wanted to head south through Kosovo to the bear sanctuary near Pristina but this would lengthen the journey and there was no guarantee we would get there before it closed, so we continued on towards Nis. The journey through southern Serbia was often ... read more
Farm in
Farming in the mountains
Icey morning roads

Europe » Serbia » South » Nis May 26th 2017

Pred odchodom davam este prat a vymienam rybam vodu. Balenie, sprcha a moze sa ist. Miriam s mami ma vyzdvihuju o 11/30, povodne som chcel startovat o hodinu neskor ale po zisteni, ze v rovnakom case odlietaju az 4 lety menim plan. V aute na dialnici fasujem rizek v chlebe, obed teda vybaveny. Na dialnici ziadne zapchy, takze pohodickova cca polhodinkova cesta. Na letisku sa to hemzi uz kopou ludi. Security tentoraz v pohode, ziadna buzeracia. Avsak jednemu cechackovy zabavuju maly noz. No nezabavuju, bo ho bere a odnasa ho niekam do letiskovej haly, neskor sa vracia bez neho. Colnica tiez ziadny problem iba otazka kam letim ked ukazujem len obcanku s cipom a nie pas. Cez gate prechadzam medzi poslednymi. Ako to uz byva zasa demencia ludi, za branou miesta na sedenie ale nie, jebovci ... read more

Europe » Serbia » South » Kopaonik May 14th 2016

Our time in Serbia has continued our European History 101 many interesting places to visit, and so much to learn. Being immersed in a culture that has been shaped by so many different variables; religion, politics, etc, over thousands of years is not only fascinating but also a massive learning curve for two relatively naive Kiwis. We are learning so much more than we ever imagined possible before leaving our far flung shores. If I had my time again as a parent of young children, I would choose education out side the classroom and travel with them.......... Not only does Rozle have a passion for motorbikes and riding, he is also a great historian. His knowledge and love for this region knows no bounds, and his stories are always captivating. In Belgrade, we visited the ... read more
Magical Mosaaics...
No cameras allowed...Ooops!
Charcoal smoking.

Europe » Serbia » South May 12th 2016

From Planina Vlasic, we travelled to Sarajevo, the city which has rebuilt itself after the horrors of the Serbian aggression in 1992-1995. On our way to our hotel, we stopped off at a cafe, where Rozle showed us how to drink coffee, in the traditional Bosnian way. He is an hilarious raconteur, and had us all in hysterics. Poignantly, a Muslim cemetery beside the cafe reminded us we were in a region only recently ravaged by war. We also stopped to visit a tunnel museum, created, to show how the residents of Sarajevo survived the Serbian attacks, by building a tunnel underneath the airport. Sarajevo is surrounded by mountains on all but one boundary. The airport, a strip of land between the city and 'free' Bosnia, the relatively flat land area of the region, was under ... read more
A 'City under Siege' map.
Sarajevo old city centre.
Plaque outside the rebuilt library.

Europe » Serbia » South February 26th 2010

27th May ’09 (continued): Rembember we've just hit a bridge in Serbia? Well, not one to do things in halves, “Wrecker” Jon has punctured two of my tyres, and startled a passenger - me. It is one of those moments where the inevitable looms, like a truck coming towards you. I say like, as though it's a crafty simile, but in fact a truck HAS actually just come towards us. Agh! My right eye pops open to assess the situation: nobody is hurt; our fragile frames remain intact. But there is now a distinct paucity of functioning wheels on my truck, and our quest to reach Athens is rapidly falling into abeyance. What we need is a cup of tea. We are travelling with four other trucks - we have to process border paperwork together, remember ... read more
1000 Serbian shitters - worth much?
Wrecker Jon on the Bulgarian side
Mysteries of European trucking..

Europe » Serbia » South » Nis April 28th 2008

I've always known that every travel experience has one of those 'oh my god' stories that nobody can believe. I just never thought this one would involve being taken away in a Serbian police car... Nate and I headed for the bus station in Dubrovnik to find out that no bus was headed to Bar that day, despite the online timetable saying there was. The lady at the ticket booth suggested Budva, Montenegro which is a big tourist attraction known for its beaches. Without much other option, Nate and I forked over the exorbitant cost for two bus tickets and headed south. We met an Australian girl and American guy who were both traveling alone and chatted with them for a bit. We also met another guy who had just come from Budva and said we ... read more

Europe » Serbia » South March 1st 2008

Kopaonik (Serbian: Копаоник) is one of the biggest mountain ranges of Serbia. It is located in the central part of Serbia. Its highest peak is 2,017 metres above sea level, Pančić's Peak. Kopaonik's national park was established in 1981. The national park's area is 118.1 km², and is spread over the central part of the Kopaonik plateau. Sports and recreation are key factors to the tourism of Kopaonik. Kopaonik is mainly a destination for skiing and snowboarding. There are various other activities as well, such as tennis. Other features which attract tourists are a luxurious hotel, and entertainment. Kopaonik has many cafes, bars and night clubs. It has 24 ski-lifts and gondoles,with 70 km of ski slopes for all categories.It is the largest mountain in Serbia, more than 100 km long. Its highest peak is Suvo ... read more
On the Ski Lift
Pancic's peak
Rtanj - student's hotel

Europe » Serbia » South » Nis October 25th 2007

We finally extricated ourselves from Sarajevo ... yay! Last night I had the worst sleep ever. I couldn’t swallow because my glands were so swollen, I had heartburn, and I couldn’t stop coughing. I knew I was keeping Mike away and tried to do anything I could to stop: I ended up sitting upright, propped up with a pillow against the wall, sucking on a candy cane hoping the mint would soothe my throat. I must’ve been quite a sight! We woke up at 6:45 this morning (brutal) and caught a bus to Nis, and then planned to go to Sofia from there. It ended up being a bus ride from Hell that never ended: 7 hours passed, then 8 hours, 9, 10 ... 11 HOURS LATER we arrived in Nis, and we weren’t too happy ... read more

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