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Europe » Serbia » North » Subotica December 13th 2013

Woolly says – A good start to the day with donuts for breakfast with honey and jam, I was very kind and allowed Jo to share a couple although I do wish she wouldn’t insist on wiping me down before allowing me to get into Ollie. With the skies dull and overcast we stormed off down the road leaving Bulgaria a blur in the background. Before I knew it we were at the border for Serbia our twenty first country of the year. We were all a little apprehensive about entering this country, officially known as the Republic of Serbia and one of the co-founders of the former Yugoslavia it has had many problems with its neighbour Kosovo and tensions can still bubble up. Customs greeted us warmly and having our passports stamped we were quickly ... read more
Funky Building
Rural Life in Serbia
The Approach to Belgrade

Europe » Serbia » North » Subotica October 6th 2012

July 22nd Ildiko and I met latish in the morning for a bit of breakfast, we went to a nice café for coke and toasted sandwiches, followed by coffee. The café had photos of various musicians on its walls (and in its toilets), including recognition of the awesome Billy Gould of Faith No More (he was in the nice dining area, not the toilet). Ildiko took me on a pretty comprehensive tour of Subotica (turns out I’ve been pronouncing the name wrong) and it’s kind of a pity; it’s a lovely city, but there are so many buildings that are half completed, as one mayor starts them and the next abandons them in favour of some other project that, in its turn gets abandoned… I wonder if Dave Cull envies that approach. Quite a few statues ... read more
the ant that feasts on batteries!
Man made forest at Palić
The world's saddest bear?

Europe » Serbia » North » Subotica October 6th 2012

July 21st Whew! I accidentally turned my alarm off instead of putting it on snooze; luckily I still woke up with an hour till my train, plenty of time to shower, pack and walk naked out of the hostel (because I clearly missed “getting dressed” on my list there) to make the 5 minute walk to the train station. A nice cheesy Cro pastry for breakfast and we’re off! Another ‘whew!’ it turns out that the carriage I was in didn’t go all the way to Stara Pazova (where I have to change trains for Subotica). The ticket collector didn’t speak English so he asked the guy in the carriage with me to translate the information… unfortunately he didn’t speak much English either… but he DID speak Italian, so we were able to communicate that way ... read more
Room at the hostel "incognito"
The lovely Ildiko... and some mug in a Fantômas t-shirt

Europe » Serbia » North » Subotica October 9th 2009

I was flattered and happy that Rodica and Nelu asked me to stay for another night. The only downside was that I was expected to meet my next couchsurfing host two countries away the same day I left Oradea. So I was up early and after a tasty breakfast I was zooming down the backroads through Romania, then through a bit of Hungary on my way to Serbia. I was pretty darned proud of my navigation through the city of Szeged, Hungary until I got out of town a few miles and realized I was on the same road I came in on. But eventually I was on the right track, through another border and into Palic, Serbia. There were no house numbers so I drove around awhile and eventually asked a girl in a convenience ... read more
Ilona and Tom
My Serbian home
The hallway to the secret winetasting room

Europe » Serbia » North » Subotica July 27th 2009

Today Gail woke up at about 8 am and had to rush to the Tesco and get our staxs of food for our 37 hour train to Athens in Greece. After making staxs of sandwiches for our train and getting packed we rushed to the station to find out that yes, today’s train was also delayed....  but only by 20 minutes. So after our long wait we got onto the train, this was going to be a deathly! (Not literally dying but close enough) After travelling all the way through to Serbia and making it to the border after 7 long hours on a train, we find out at the passport control will not you travel through the country unless you have a transit visa! So we got told that we have to take our ... read more

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