Eurorail Trip Day 22

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July 27th 2009
Published: July 30th 2009
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Today Gail woke up at about 8 am and had to rush to the Tesco and get our staxs of food for our 37 hour train to Athens in Greece. After making staxs of sandwiches for our train and getting packed we rushed to the station to find out that yes, today’s train was also delayed....  but only by 20 minutes. So after our long wait we got onto the train, this was going to be a deathly! (Not literally dying but close enough)

After travelling all the way through to Serbia and making it to the border after 7 long hours on a train, we find out at the passport control will not you travel through the country unless you have a transit visa! So we got told that we have to take our stuff off the train and we have to get off now. !!!!! AAAHHHHH shock horror we getting stranded in the middle of now where - well it looks like no where at least.

So after 4 other ppl got taken off the train we got lead into a small passport control office where we were told the wait till our train that is in 7 hours and we have to catch the next one back to Budapest.
we kind of all sat there not believing the events that had just occurred...

Ricky thank goodness for his brain sometimes got on he phone to our friends to find out if they could help book a place to stay when we arrive back in Budapest , well we actually went to Vienna. So a long 7 hour wait for the next train was a complete nightmare, sitting there with cops with their guns and bad attitudes. A couple of the German girls started playing cards and they told them they have to play with money... maybe this wasn’t going to be too bad apart from doing nothing in a small 3m by 2m room with 6 ppl. It got worse when you had to go and ask permission to pee and there was nowhere to buy food or even a drink thank goodness we had packed for a 37 hour train to Greece.

Anyway eventually we took some pics of us sitting there looking lonely and sad.... it was a horrible state of affairs, and in between the mosquito bites managed to smile for all of you! haha looking back it was a stupid dum thing to do and should have never ended up in the country without knowing about the visa but we were excited to get to Greece and so never bothered.

The train ride back at 1 in the morning was a disaster and I am not even going to mention it, let’s just say by the time we got to Vienna at 9am it was almost 24 hrs with maximum 3 hours sleep! Not the best!

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