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July 26th 2005
Published: June 2nd 2006
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My two weeks in Serbia went by so fast! It was an awesome experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity to live like a local in former Yugoslavia and see my friend at the same time, one of the best decisions of my life I would say. Here's some anti-climatic pics.

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This is what Serbia looks likeThis is what Serbia looks like
This is what Serbia looks like

Weird dogs with broken paws running about. Also there are tons of sunflowers.
The DanubeThe Danube
The Danube

Not as blue as they say
Drinking cocktailsDrinking cocktails
Drinking cocktails

Things cost about a half to a third what they would cost in Vancouver or Barcelona so we thought hey why not
Jelena in front of her old high schoolJelena in front of her old high school
Jelena in front of her old high school

They are trying to fix things up and paint buildings cheery colors but Jelena said the toilets in her school are just holes. Aaaack
Posters of some guyPosters of some guy
Posters of some guy

He is the former leader of the Radical Party and he is now in the Hague and there are posters of him absolutely everywhere in Serbia
The bus the bus the busThe bus the bus the bus
The bus the bus the bus

I was a bit fixated on the buses but they are so cool looking, just not too fun to ride so for the same price you can ride...
The modified vanThe modified van
The modified van

filled with people where you sign that mysterious liability form. Honestly I am impressed I was not seriously maimed in a traffic accident.
Me in Republic Square, BelgradeMe in Republic Square, Belgrade
Me in Republic Square, Belgrade

in front of the obligatory guy-on-the-horse statue
A popular street in BelgradeA popular street in Belgrade
A popular street in Belgrade

Jelena said that after every new government is instated (and it happens a lot in Serbia) they change the names of the streets and sometimes the town in Serbia so that its quite difficult to remember and sometimes the different generations will refer to the same street as different names because it keeps changing... very Orwellian. But this is a nice looking street.
The Royal Palace in BelgradeThe Royal Palace in Belgrade
The Royal Palace in Belgrade

When Slobodon lost the election and wouldn't step down in 2000 millions of people came to Belgrade and stood on the lawn and protested. Good for them, fight the power!
The ParlimentThe Parliment
The Parliment

Oh another anecdote: the passports in Serbia still say Yugoslavia because they don't want to change it to Serbia and Montenegro because Montenegro wants to leave so then they'll probably have to change it AGAIN so everyone has passports for a country that doesn't exist.

19th October 2005

I am from Novi Sad ! And I this church is not Gothich it is Catolic Church. I am born in Novi Sad and I know that information for sure !
24th October 2005

Ha ha, sorry. I though it was in neo-gothic style.
9th December 2005

The pictures were great.I am a 14 year old serbian girl that was born in novi sad I came here when I was little but went back in the year 2004 i took photos everywere i went we even went 2 beograde 4 a couple of days and sa sait. sava church its was awesome
14th December 2005

Well, both of you seem to be right, the cathedral is build in neo-gothic style, but according to Maya, it is of catholic religion. (to Maya, if she reads it: gothic is not a religion but an architectural style, eg. the Parliament in Hungary is also built in neo.gothic style.) Peter (from Budapest)
19th January 2006

Gothic is a style
Catholic is a religion. It is a Catholic church built in the gothic style. You are both right :))
17th February 2006

Nice to see my town Pancevo again

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