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January 12th 2012
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So after taking longer than expected to get to Novi sad, I found myself pressed for time on arriving to meet my friend at the designated meeting point at the designated time. The designated place was the statue in the middle of the old town square and I was lucky that this was where we were to meet as I didn't have a clue where I was and there were no street signs using the Latin alphabet to aid me. I definitely didn't have the time to learn the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet, so being one of the lucky people who was bestowed with English at birth, I got by with that.

As it happened, I got there 5 minutes early and had to wait 15 for my friend to turn up. Then I checked into the nicest place I had stayed in for a decent bit, for a lower price per night than my box in Paris. I think it was either a 4 star of 5 star hotel and it set me back about 20 Euro. The difference between what I got and what I have in Paris was/is quite outstounding. Overlooking the Main town square, I had all the creature comforts one could hope for and enough space to fit my Parisian box in 4 times over. Apart from highlighting the inequality and bizarre world system we live with and in, it really was a nice experience.

After checking in, I went out with a group of students and drunk Rakia for the night. It was the day before Serbian New Year's which is different again due to the Gregorian/Julian calendars. I didn't mind celebrating New Year's or the lead up to it twice and I think by the end of the night I was in such a state that I was thanking both Gregory and Julian for the privilege.

The next day was New Year's eve which is a family affair in Serbia and although I could have quite happily stuck around and had another fantastic day, I left in the afternoon after checking out Novi Sad's wonderful fort. Another great experience.

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