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Europe » Serbia » East » Zajecar May 1st 2013

We already had a woofing place organized for Greece starting on the 9th of may and seeing as it was only mid April we thought it would be good to find a place to go for a week in either Bulgaria or Serbia. We were conflicted between two places, a hippy hostel in Bulgaria or a family in Serbia. At the last minute the Bulgarian place cancelled so Serbia it would be! We asked about the easiest way to get to Belgrade from Timisoara and it seemed the only option would be a train that strangely went all the way back to Budapest before heading to Serbia. It seemed the only way would be to hitchhike. We had no trouble flagging down a car as there was a Ramstein gig that night in Belgrade and we ... read more
Center of Belgrade - buildings of Police and Army Headquarters, after NATO bombing
The house of friends we made in the vilage.
Eric playing guitar in the sunshine.

Europe » Serbia » East » Smederevo March 20th 2012

There was a day to kill before the Eternal Derby. I needed an adventure out of Belgrade for the day. The bus station is an adventure of sorts in it’s own way. It turned out to be the wrong one. The helpful locals eventually got it through to me that all buses to Smederevo depart from the Lasta bus depot across the road. Time to take my life in my hands again. The delay in finding the correct departure point was a minor inconvenience, as buses go evry ½ hour or so. I settled down for a trip through the Belgrade suburbs and soon found myself recognising the floodlights of FK Obilic and FK Sindelic. The bus was pretty empty – perhaps Smederevo wasn’t much of a draw after all. The suburbs soon gave way to ... read more
Town Hall
House Boat
Smederevo Fortress

Europe » Serbia » East » Smederevo April 29th 2010

This wasn't a tour of the "castles" is Serbia, and those aren't Neuschwanstein type of castles but rather fortresses/palaces/mansions, and we weren't planning on visiting just those old manors, but rather decided to spend a weekend just driving around Novi Sad and through Vojvodina (province) and visiting some historic places we knew about, but never had time to see. It just happened that we saw a few "castles" in which, once upon a time, some important people lived. Some of these houses are now museums, hotels, some are in good condition, some are dilapidated. I wanted to see Fantast, a castle near Becej (town in Vojvodina) built in late 19th century by a wealthy Serbian family who also owned a few other mansions, which we also visited on our way there. Aleks wanted to visit a ... read more
Castle in Celarevo
Castle in Kulpin
Fantast castle

Europe » Serbia » East October 21st 2009

Oplenac is located 80km south-east from Belgrade. It is the historic place of the mausoleum of the Serbian Karađorđević Royal Family. It is known for the St. George Church. Karađorđe had settled here in 19st century, built vineyards and orchards, and established the defence of the nearby Topola town. The church interior is decorated with mosaics, which depict reproductions of the prettiest frescoes of the Serbian medieval arts. The entire mosaic has 725 painted compositions (in the temple and in the crypt), on which there are 1500 figures. The entire area of the mosaic is 3,500 square metres; with 40 million various coloured pieces of glass, making the most vivid artistic impression. ... read more
Church 1
Church 2

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