Photos from Russia, Europe - page 8

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St Basil Basilica
Wedding photography in large department store called GUM on Red Square
Brass Statues - Metro
Brass Statues - Metro
Brass Statues - Metro
Metro frescos
Metro frescos
Red Square buildings
The fresco of Jesus over main entrance to GUM department store
State History Museum - Red Square
Entrance to Red Square
Changing the Bogies
Changing the Bogies
Dining car in train number 3
Ger, House & camels
Bactrian camels (two humps)
Camels, gers & cars
Factory and workers gers way outside UB
windfarm in Mongolia
Mongolian countryside
Outside UB
Out last train
animals & motorbikes outside ger
ger & houses
Mongolian ger beside the track on the way our from UB
Ulaanbaatar station
Buryat countryside
Poor grass for cattle
Buryat country
Changing landscape into Siberia
Lake Baikal
Our cabin on the second train - very clean and comfortable.
Our second train from Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar
Goods for sale on platform
Locals racing to the next train to sell their goods
Making full use of gardens
Village outside Moscow
Siberian landscape
In cabin 5, on carriage 5, on the first train
Trains & people
Gardens fully planted with vegetables
Sunset on train in Barabinsh
Fish anyone? Smoked fish for sale
Omsk station
Flagman on duty - we saw a flag man just about every 100 kms
Birch trees without leaves
Ghostly birches
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