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Europe » Russia April 25th 2014

Europe » Russia April 23rd 2014

I came to Izhevsk at five o’clock in the morning. It is not the best time, of course; I thought they had a different time zone, but it turned out the same as in Moscow, so my margin of two hours did not apply. The city was absolutely empty, I walked the streets to the centre alone. I might have taken a commuter train directly to Yanaul (it departed about 10 minutes after my arrival) and be at home sooner, but of course I opted for Izhevsk sightseeing, despite the fact that transportation was more complicated in this case. I made the mistake of leaving my luggage at the train station – but I headed to the bus station to find its location and learn more about buses to Sarapul. Izhevsk is a large economic, transport, ... read more

Europe » Russia » Urals » Perm April 22nd 2014

This time I had two trains, Petersburg – Moscow and Moscow – Kungur, because the direct train from Petersburg to Perm arrived late in the evening, inconvenient for me (a hotel would have to be booked). Instead, I planned the route Kungur – Perm – Izhevsk – Sarapul, with secure time margins for any mishap. I’d have three trains and three buses. I have found Kungur Ice Cave on some Russian tourism web site, and here are my findings. I find no better companion for a 20-hour train journey than a Wodehouse book and, let’s say, a mp-3 player with Dave Clarke’s White Noise techno show. Time flies so quickly and you don’t have to count the kilometers. I should warn the readers that spring is not the best time to travel in many regions of ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg April 11th 2014

I admit I have been wrong in neglecting museums during almost all of my trips. I should have visited at least a couple of museums while I was, for instance, in European cities. Moreover, I have neglected all museums in Saint Petersburg except the Hermitage, visiting none except it since 2007. It’s time to catch up with them. This piece will include information about several museums in Petersburg I visited in April. I made a careful selection of the museums, representing an immense variety of topics, if one thinks of it, and hope that readers will want to visit them on their own. In May, I hope to add some more museums. I will not accompany all of the photos with explanations. It will be food for thought. I will also translate only some of the ... read more

Europe » Russia » Urals » Yekaterinburg April 1st 2014

City of Country & Guitar ... read more

Europe » Russia » Centre March 28th 2014

Tula is an important Russian city not too far from Moscow. It was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1146, though more veritable records refer to the XIII century. My interest in Tula is obvious because I usually select cities to be visited mainly according to the amount of antiques it contains. I arrived in Tula by train at 7.50 in the morning; right outside the railway station there are booths selling the famous Tulsky pryanik (gingerbread) of various shapes and sizes; it was cool and sunny, I at once walked the Krasnoarmeisky Prospekt to the Kremlin, because the museums would open only at 10 o’clock. Tula looked good at once, pleasing to the eye. I saw a café built in the form of two parallel trams, an unusual structure, with the Russian word “кафе” wrongly ... read more
Old Building
Blagoveschenskaya Church (XVII cent.)

Europe » Russia » Volga » Ulyanovsk March 2nd 2014

This is an entry about the city of Ulyanovsk, the Russian communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, and a little about Maslenitsa. The title is a citation from Lenin. I decided to go to Ulyanovsk simply to see two interesting museums – one dedicated to the father of Soviet Revolution, Vladimir Lenin, and the other – civil aviation history museum. Web search revealed few other notable sights but I could not miss the Lenin Memorial because the man had played a major role in the history of Russian State. Also, I like seeing items and things from the Soviet times because I grew up when USSR no longer existed, but I was actually born in the Union. Moreover, as I thought, it would be nice to break down the trip to Saint Petersburg in two stages, with a ... read more
"The whole world will be ours"

Europe » Russia » Urals February 19th 2014

I will briefly state that I had to postpone my great plans for alpine skiing this season. It was excellent ski-trekking in Kirovsk, Hibiny, and I needed at least a couple of days of alpine skiing so that winter was not spent in vain. I decided not to ski in Kirovsk because slopes there turned out rather extreme for me. I fully understand that two days of skiing mean nothing, but it turned out an excellent ‘week-end’ (in the middle of the week). I bought rail tickets several weeks in advance and asked my friend Alexey to join me. He said, we’ll see, and now we both have returned from the resort. I decided to go to the Urals, the ski resort of Abzakovo. The choice is obvious because it is close to my hometown, Birsk, ... read more
Easy Piste
View from Piste

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Irkutsk January 24th 2014

Another day and another exciting city was on its way - Irkutsk and Listvyanka village, the home of lake Baikal! We drove straight to Listvyanka upon arriving at Irkutsk. It was a quaint little village, 70 kms away from Irkutsk located on the shore of lake Baikal with a population of 5000. A lot of people in this part of the country believe in the Shamanic religion. These are Buryats, indigenous people (similar to Native Americans if you will) who believe that every thing has a spirit of its own. They don't have temples or churches built to worship, they pray to the sun and hence the east side is very important to them. We had planned to meet a Shaman the next day at the Shamanic cultural centre in another village. I checked in to ... read more
Wooden Architecture Museum
Lake Baikal
Lake Baikal Again

Europe » Russia » Urals » Yekaterinburg January 18th 2014

Yekaterinburg was nothing like what I expected it to be. It went above and beyond my expectations, this was made possible by my hosts Vadim and Marina. They were FANTASTIC to say the least! They made me feel very comfortable and redefined 'Home Stay' to reflect its literal meaning. We started by visiting the Europe and Asia border, surrounded by the Ural mountain ranges. There have been a few created, one just for sake of convenience, closer to the city (17 kms) so that the foreign delegates who visit Yekaterinburg can visit and check their boxes of 'visiting the Europe-Asia border'. The government had plans to build a tall structure over 100 meters to symbolise this border, however due to budget constraints and no sponsors the plan was shelved and instead they created what you see ... read more
Europe Asia Border
Fake Border
The Real Border

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