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March 3rd 2015
Published: March 3rd 2015
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Russia is the largest country in the world and within its borders is a covetous array of attractions and destinations that other countries can only dream of. It is home to the largest freshwater lake in the world, the Trans- Siberian Railway, snowcapped mountains and grandiose cities. Therefore, when we travelled to this vast country, it was impossible to visit all destinations, but here are the places we loved. We can recommend our tour guide, Exeter International, who were fantastic:


It is hard to ignore Moscow , though it endured a tumultuous past, we could not help but fall in love with its mighty Kremlin, majestic Grand Square its excellent art galleries and its sophisticated atmosphere. At night, it turns out into a galore of stunning structures reflected beautifully into its canals. This lovely night scene combined with dining in the finest restaurant, can melt even the hardest of hearts.


In St Petersburg, we felt like we were in any European city, the intimidating atmosphere of the Moscow melted and we enjoyed the cities elaborately decorated churches, the grandiose Hermitage and we did not miss the famous Mariinsky Theatre. We were lucky to have visited this bustling city rich in culture during summer, I mean what is not to love about the romantic white nights; the glorious midnight sun, the lively night scene and festivities awed us.


Being the historical buffs that we are, we could not miss the over 1 000 year old city of Kazan, and we loved the ancient architecture intricately preserved in the heart of the city and the co-existence of Muslim and christen faith. We visited the Kazan Kremlin, the ancient Tatar settlement and the Raifsky
Bogoroditsky Cathedral and the Qolsharif Mosque.


Not many places can boast of the largest fresh water lake, so we could not miss the Lake Baikal , it is the only one of its kind in the world. Before heading out to the lake, we explored the lovely town of Irkutsk and we were amazed that the locals call it the ‘Paris of Siberia’. That is not further from the truth, it has an incredible array of age-old churches, museums and charming wooden houses. It is also very close to the Lake Baikal and its scenic landscape.


The Golden Ring involves ancient villages with ancient churches and it gives a picture of the Russian faith in the past. In this destination, we loved the picturesque ancient churches, fortresses and medieval onion-domed churches.


We took a cruise of the Volga River, and we enjoyed the lively music and the sceneries of Russia taking us from city to city and giving us an insight of Russia in such an intimate way.


If you want to see much of Russia and Eurasia as we did, be brave and take the longest train journey in the world on the trans-Siberian railway. Taking the trans-Siberian is a tough journey being on wheels for along time but you goes past 80 cities and some of the most varied sceneries you will ever see in your lifetime.


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