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April 15th 2008
Published: April 15th 2008
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Hello All!

Sorry for taking so long to write anything! I stopped writing after the car accident. For those of you who do not know, I was in an accident with my friends while coming home from a weekend trip in Nizhny Kamsk. One friend was in the hospital for a month, and I was in bed with a compressed spine. All is ok though, and everyone lived thankfully. Thanks, mom, for always making me wear my seatbelt. I did it without thinking and it is probably the only reason I am here. So thanks to mom and God for that one.

For a quick update before more detailed ones come, I am finishing up my last few weeks here and have had the time of my life and really do not want to leave. I am singing with my friends' rock band and helping write lyrics for two bands. I have videos and pictures of the performances which I will add when I get back to America.

Russia is awesome, except nothing works! More to come!



1st May 2008

That explains a lot. Sounds like you're feeling better, and hopefully all else in your life is going well. I'd love to see those rock band videos - Russian rock, eh? That sounds amazing.
26th May 2008

Hmmm . . .
I think I tried to comment earlier, but it didn't work, so here goes. I hope all it is well, and I look forward to those rock band videos and such that you're supposed to post.

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