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Europe » Russia » South » Sochi March 1st 2022

You wake up on the 24th of February finding that 2022 would be a very different year than what the world would have anticipated. No, it's not happening, and it's not happening this way. But the reality is yes it's happening, and nothing can change the will of one single soul. Sad. Then you think. I've been more than once in places where I should not be....where the international news show you people being gunned down between where you are...and your local airport. So first thing not let run your emotions...analyze...and your few moments of thinking do not send you straight to the airport...but tell you to be patient. You are not changing the course of history...and you are not making any difference as of this morning! Well, this was 24th of February in St ... read more
Crowds are here.....99.9% Russians here...
My lovely wife...
Local treat for aperitif ...

Europe » Russia » South » Sochi July 1st 2018

I have been getting messages all week to get to the airport early as the Eid holiday starts today. So, I got up an hour earlier than I would have and headed to the airport, it is Friday morning so there was hardly a car in sight, 20 minutes from my door to Gate 7 and a 2 and a half hour wait till boarding. Better safe than sorry I suppose. Every seat on the flight is full - more Australians than I have seen since I was last in Oz which means every drop of booze was gone before we reached Russian airspace. I must admit they are a bit annoying constantly wandering around - the lads across from me were roaring drunk by the time we landed. Immigration was mayhem I couldn't believe how ... read more
Kazan Kremlin
Kazan Kremlin
Kul Sharif Mosque

Europe » Russia » South » Sochi January 19th 2015

January 18 The visit to Russian Olympic Rosa Khutor Skiing Resort was a substitute for my two Alps plans. It was due to, on the one hand, to the dropping ruble, and on the other hand due to lack of work so I didn’t manage to earn enough money. I studied the official website of Rosa and found it to be quite a high-quality place for skiing. I invited my friend Alexei for a week trip there. The currency exchange rate was absolutely not important in case of Rosa – I paid just exactly what it cost, while almost any European trip has become twice as expensive. On January 18 I got up at 5 o’clock in the morning. My departure from St. Petersburg to Sochi by Aeroflot Airlines was at 8-45. I saw the huge ... read more
Adler Train Station
Olympic Park

Europe » Russia » South » Sochi September 22nd 2013

Sochi, Russia I am beginning to think that I may never get to Russia. For the second time circumstances have blocked me from entering. The crossing from Trabzon was rough. The wind picked up just as we headed north across the Black Sea and at times it rained heavily. I love the sea when it is rough because I really get to experience the power of nature. It also makes for good sleeping. Not all my shipmates share my enthusiasm. It definitely makes for quieter and less crowded dining in the dining room. In the morning it became clear that there were problems ahead. First the Russians had informed the ship that the port was being reconstructed in anticipation of the Olympic Winter games set to start later this winter. Therefore we would have ... read more

Europe » Russia » South » Sochi July 21st 2012

That would be Joseph Stalin's dacha (term used very loosely as most dachi are way, way smaller compared to Uncle Joe's) near Sochi's coast that I toured today. Interesting place set several hundered thickly wooded feet above the Black Sea and totally painted green to blend in with the surrounding environment. There is puportedly an elevator and tunnel to the Black Sea but that was sadly not included with the 300p. tour price. Bummer. Couple more days along the Black Sea then Monday night flying to Yerevan, Armenia via Moscow. There does exist a short, direct one hour flight on one of the Baby-Flots but my flight on S7 was purchased for a mere $25 and 10,000 American Airlines frequent flier miles. Cha-ching! I've already flown on S7 twice and was impressed by the service but ... read more
Entry Courtyard
Stalin's Pool
Peacock Mosaic in the Pool Room

Europe » Russia » South » Sochi June 8th 2012

Where are we – a Buddhist Republic, tea plantations & rice paddies? No its not some exotic Asia destination – its Russia and the European part of Russia at that. On one particular day we start with Buddhist temples in Elista, cross Cossack territory with its golden onion domed churches and end up passing mosques in the snowy Caucuses Mountains. Crossing the Ukraine-Russia border was surprisingly easy and fast. Would have been even quicker if we hadn't kept filling out our customs forms wrong much to the amusement of the border guards. Then we had to get out our Sterling as they had never seen British Pounds before and were really curious. The first houses we pass take me by surprise – single storey wooden houses with 3 windows surrounded by fancy fretwork, absolutely identical to ... read more
 Sea of Azov

Europe » Russia » South » Sochi April 13th 2012

Krasnodar-Taman-Tuapse-Sochi/ 1.4.-9.4.2012/ Z Krasnodaru se vydavame na vylet smerem k Port Kavkaz, coz je pristav odkud se jezdi na ukrainsky Krym. Zaroven je tato oblast Kubane znama pestovanim vina. V jednom mistnim " vinzavode" si kupijeme par lahvi vina a vyrazime na pobrezi Cerneho More. U mesta Novorosijsk je asi nejznamejsi vinzavod ABRAU DURSO, ktery produkuje nejslavnejsi" ruske sampanske" a dalsi perliva vina. Kupujeme lahev nejlacinejsiho na Helci narozeniny a vyrazime za sluncem. Zastavujeme se v Anape a Gelendziku , prochazime se po mistni promenade, ktera si s nicim nezada se zapadoevropskymi primorskymi letovisky.. Pocasi uz je slunecne a more azurove modre, klidne jako rybnik. V meste Tuapse potkavame naseho znameho a on nam meni zadni brzdove desticky. Zaroven nam doporucuje mista kam se podivat a kde prenocovat. Nocovat budeme na skale za mestem, aspon to ... read more

Europe » Russia » South » Sochi May 12th 2011

I will have more to say about the Adventure >> after I become more profficient with the Blog!! Stan... read more

Europe » Russia » South » Sochi October 7th 2009

The Russian resort town of Sochi with it's year round mild temperatures, where it almost never snows and site of the 2014 Winter Olympics was our next stop after a +1 hour time difference. On a side note, Sochi is the longest city in Europe, over 140 km long but very narrow. The second and last port where we would be tendered we were a little smarter and managed our way of early with the large ship sponsored tour groups instead of waiting until they had all departed as we knew they weren't going out full the previous day and they could easily squeeze six more in. Russia requires a Visa ($200!) but is waived if you bought a tour from the ship. Even though the cruise boat didn't mention it the Visa is also waived ... read more
Monument at Matsesta Spa
Stalins Couch
Kelly, Elena, Mike at the Pier

Europe » Russia » South » Sochi April 18th 2009

April 18-23, 2009 I will try to remember why I decided to go to Sochi in spring. I am sure that I first saw an advertisement of trips to Abkhazia, which were quite cheap. So I made a mental note for myself about that region, and somewhere in February or March decided to go, not to Abkhazia, but to Sochi (Adler, the Black Sea). My first trip to Abkhazia (2 days on my own and a whole day on excursion) will be described later. At that time I was living in St. Petersburg and for the first time bought train tickets using my first Visa Classic; it was such joy. In March, however, I and my friend left St. Petersburg for the hometown. I was looking forward to the trip to Adler. I thought it would ... read more
Example of a Small Hotel
View on Adler
Sunset at the Sea

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