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Europe » Russia » Siberia » Lake Baikal August 12th 2015

Les chapitres précédents sur Saint-Pétersbourg et Moscou donnent une certaine vision de la Russie : la vision européenne. Si la majorité de la population et le centre de gravité du pays restent fortement ancrés à l’Ouest, on ne peut réduire la Russie à sa partie occidentale. En effet, si l’on prend l’Oural comme limite de la frontière entre l’Europe et l’Asie, la Russie possède la majorité de son territoire en Asie. En outre, le plus grand pays du monde est frontalier avec une quinzaine d’autres Etats qui influencent le pays en termes de flux de traditions, de d’idées ou de populations. Que ce soit avec les Européens à l’Ouest, les Caucasiens dans le Sud-Ouest, les Centrasiatiques dans le Sud ou les Mongols et les Chinois dans le Sud-Est, le pays subit une forte influence de ses ... read more
Ca calme...
Taïga sibérienne
Olkhon sous la fumée des incendies

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Irkutsk August 9th 2015

Me voilà maintenant à bord du Transsibérien. Engoncé dans un cube de d’1.8m sur 0.8m sur 0.8 peinant à contenir à la fois mon corps et ma tablette. Depuis trois jours. Cela semble quelque peu spartiate, mais honnêtement, je m’attendais à pire. En effet, on a choisi de traverser la Russie de Moscou à Vladivostok en faisant un arrêt à Irkoutsk pour passer quelques jours au lac Baïkal. Ce qui fait un trajet d’environ une semaine de train, découpée en trois jours et demi et trois jours. En arrivant tous les deux à la gare de Moscou avec nos gros sacs de randonneurs et nos sachets de provisions, on ne faisait pas les fiers. En effet, les cent soixante-dix heures de trajet s’effectuent en troisième et dernière classe. On finit par repérer notre train où l’on ... read more
Destination finale : Vladivostok. Arrivée dans une semaine.
Coucher de soleil sur la Sibérie
La gare d'Irkoutsk (enfin!)

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Lake Baikal May 9th 2015

Since my first book was such a great success, and failed to get on Oprah's list, or any other list for that matter, I am trying something different. Though I actually had friends and others who wanted to PAY to buy the book "African Adventures, Addis to Capetown" through Amazon, I preferred to give them away. In fact, I still owe a book to my dear friend in Kuala Lumpur! So, to make it easier for you, and my wonderful reading audience out there. I am using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for my next book, "Trans Siberian Railway Solo". So, I hope you are Kindle readers. Or you can just go back to the well over sixty emails that I sent from Russia, and piece together your own book. From Kindle: Congratulations, your book "Tran Siberian ... read more

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Ulan-Ude November 3rd 2014

Hello All, We had a long day on the train, we had a few hours each side of the Russian-Mongolian boarder but there was really nothing there apart from a kiosk with out-of-date items. So our day was spent eating noodles, watching spooks and reading, plus loads of chatting!!! To be fair this time we all got healthier foods for the train like tomatoes, cheese, bread, fruit and other good stuff. Our passports and visas were checked thoroughly, about 6 times; nice to see they are thorough unlike England. Anyone planning to do this trip should really look at making sure they have books, kindle, laptop or something to keep themselves busy, also stock up on food as its expensive on the train and will be cheaper in a supermarket in Russia. As normal we ended ... read more

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Irkutsk November 2nd 2014

Hi All, So we woke to a Russia breakfast of omelet and cucumber. Our honcho decided not to turn up in the morning and so we all went for a long walk in our group of six. We took some great photos down on the Lake. On our return she had a bit of a sulk because we wanted to go early. We then headed into Irkursk where our honcho showed us the cities main sites. A list of the sites she showed us include… · Raising of the Cross Church · The Saviours Church · The statue of TSAR Alexander the III · Lenin Statue · Yuri Gagarin Statue · Angara River and banks · An impressive mall · London Pub-with pints of good Russian beer We went to a ropey café for lunch everyone ... read more

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Irkutsk November 1st 2014

Hello All, So today we have reached Lake Baikal. We were all really tired after a horrible night sleep on the train due to people coming and going at lots of station stops throughout the night. Jo had a Russian women think it was acceptable to sit on her bed at 3am after a swift kick she moved but on to Neil's bed....Russians have very limited social awareness!!! We arrived into a quaint little village Listvyanka, lake Baikal with the snow topped mountains in the background, it looks beautiful here. Its also not as cold as we thought it would be-bonus for Vicky :) It was -15 degrees 4 days ago and now a comfortable -2 which is T-shrt weather!! We set out straight away with the group and the honcho (who was very hungover from ... read more
Lake Baikal

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Novosibirsk October 28th 2014

Hi All, Due to no wifi from Moscow to Listvynaka we have not been able to blog, so this is to cover days 6 to 9 and today will be separate. So last blog we had met our fellow travellers: Tom, Martina, Jo, Katie. Facts: -3rd class sleeper (a pull down bed, approx 60 people in a carriage = no privacy at all) -approximately 54 Russian Soldiers in out carriage... and us. This was very daunting at first!! - 3.5 days and 4 nights on the train Good memories from the train: - Meeting so many Russian soldiers- they were between 19-21 years, couldn't speak much English but they were great fun, we drank, played cards and shared cultures by broken languages and pictures. - 3 duvet days we didn't feel guilty about -watching the landscape ... read more

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Krasnoyarsk September 15th 2014

The rider thought about to have a lol with the music on. And didn't want to think about to hold the wheel even we were driving with 110km speed :)) Ooh never mind that we gonna fly to the valley :))) read more

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Lake Baikal September 7th 2014

I was "two days ago" in a pub (somewhere in baikal region) with Donovan drinking beer. We had fun and maked jokes about us trip. Donovan was travelling on his bycicle i was on a hitchhiking tour. Actually we had the same destination from east to the west in Siberia.. The day after he started his trip on his bicycle.. And 2 days later i also started my trip to the west.. After 230 km far from Baikal i ended up somewhere.. I was waiting for a car who could take me to my destination. And what I saw??? I could not believe it?? After 2 days i saw Donovan coming closer to me riding... read more

Europe » Russia » Siberia August 14th 2014

While hitchhiking camping in the wilderness in a tent at nights. And make your own food like bread or making macaroni and making tea from the water of the river. Something wonderfull something that everyone should do. To taste the real atmosphere of the nature read more

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