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Europe » Russia » Siberia » Tuva August 31st 2012

"Don't go to Tuva. I heard its full of drunks sometimes they attack tourists." We hear these words for the first time when we arrive in Vladivostok from a fellow backpacker who has just ridden his motorbike across Russia. "Don't go to Tuva. They don't know how to handle their alcohol and they often attack Russians. You won't be safe there. " says Luba, our masseuse in Abakan. "Don't go to Tuva. They drink too much and kill each other" lecture a number of locals in Abakan, the capital of Khakassia the bordering Russian region to Tuva. Firstly where is this Tuva they speak of? A region in Russia, in southern Siberia, Tuva is located near the geographic centre of Asia. The historic region of Tannu Uriankhaai of which Tuva was apart was under Mongol control ... read more
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