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August 10th 2007
Published: June 30th 2015
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Great Siberia

Want to try Slavonic exotica? Go to Siberia! But please don't travel alone, and be careful - Siberia is an enormous land wild enough to get lost. Moreover, a few people there know English.

Homemade Russian bathHomemade Russian bathHomemade Russian bath

We lived in the countryside. Me and the son of my father's Siberian friend are preparing bath - fetching water from the local well. Extremely hot air, oak bath besoms massage, and ultimately wildly cold water from a bucket - this is a real Russian bath! By the way, take a closer look - CANNABIS grow there like a weed!=)
In 2007, when I was a student, my father decided to acquaint his family with his native land. He was born in Nazarovo town, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. That was my first (and the only) travel to Russia. Naturally, I was highly excited to visit at once the most popular and wild Russian region - Siberia.

My mother, father, an eldest sister, and me chose a TRAIN (a couchette car!) as a traveling transport that promised us to deliver from my native Ukrainian city to the remote point of our destination. And now please imagine that it takes 4+ days to get to Krasnoyarsk from Kharkov, and the same amount of days - to get us back. Nevertheless, we are a united family, so we cheated our journey funny enough to memorize this episode for a long time. My main achievement during that train voyage was the mastery of an interesting card game - preference. A long journey provided me with an opportunity to polish up my preference skills. Since that time, preference has become my favorite card game.

We started our journey to Siberia on August, 6. We arrived back on August, 19. We spent only a weak in

Sitting near a typical Siberian house.
Siberia, but it was unforgettable to me. It was my first travel out of Ukraine, and it indeed impressed me. To me, Siberia will always remain the land of wild and beautiful nature, hospitable people, and the unique culture. It is not surprising that Siberia attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.

My photos and comments will help you to understand the reality and peculiarities of Siberia.

Go to Siberia to investigate a true Slavonic spirit, interesting culture, picturesque sights, and Russian wilderness!

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In local museumIn local museum
In local museum

Russian bast shoes.

Cooking like a Russian housewife =)
In the museumIn the museum
In the museum

A stuffed bear - a true master of Siberian land.
In the local forestIn the local forest
In the local forest

A wild berry - stone bramble. It is quite delicious but the local people rarely eat it, and I don't know even why...
Chulym RiverChulym River
Chulym River

Near a picturesque bank of the local river.
Lysa Hora (Bald Mountain)Lysa Hora (Bald Mountain)
Lysa Hora (Bald Mountain)

A wonderful place to observe all nearby places.
In a birchwoodIn a birchwood
In a birchwood

I just wanted to imagine myself in a fairy tale =)
At the local demolition derbyAt the local demolition derby
At the local demolition derby

It was so interesting to observe how old cars participate in a race!
Coal shippingCoal shipping
Coal shipping

Siberian coal mining plays a dominant role in Russian manufacturing sector.
Me and my fatherMe and my father
Me and my father

On the monument to a centenary Russian train of the revolutionary times.
Anchor and meAnchor and me
Anchor and me

Navigation is also well developed in Siberia.

We visited the nearest megalopolis - Krasnoyarsk. It is a large city located on Yenisei River.
Boat tour by Yenisei RiverBoat tour by Yenisei River
Boat tour by Yenisei River

It is a clean, wild, long, powerful, and picturesque river.
Beautiful banks of Yenisei RiverBeautiful banks of Yenisei River
Beautiful banks of Yenisei River

To go by a motor boat gives yo an opportunity to be at one with nature.
Yenisei banksYenisei banks
Yenisei banks

Unspoilt land and incredibly fresh air.
Yenisei Yenisei

I remember how wild banks of the river impressed me.
Boat tripBoat trip
Boat trip

Forest, rocks, river and you - isn't it a wonderful company?

We approached to the so-called Krasnoyarsk sea. It is actually a reservoir, but it really reminds of a sea.
Beauty of Krasnoyarsk ReservoirBeauty of Krasnoyarsk Reservoir
Beauty of Krasnoyarsk Reservoir

Forest covers the banks of Krasnoyarsk sea.
Alone with my thoughtsAlone with my thoughts
Alone with my thoughts

This photo reminds me of William Wallace and Scotland=)
Somewhere where taiga originatesSomewhere where taiga originates
Somewhere where taiga originates

It is a true Siberian pine. It is a high tree that has сoneswith pine nut.
On the bridge across YeniseiOn the bridge across Yenisei
On the bridge across Yenisei

There is a tradition in Krasnoyarsk - a newly wedded couple goes to the bridge, hangs a lock with their scrawled names, and throws a key into the river in sight of their eternal love.

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