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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Peterhof October 3rd 2017

My nautical being is well at home here in St. Petersburg. Criss- crossed by canals, rivers and bound by the Baltic, this place has been called the Venice of the north. And like the canals of Venice and Amsterdam there is much boat traffic and life on the water. Last night I took a dinner cruise on board a small river boat. Met a beautiful young couple celebrating their engagement and a pair of ladies from Siberia here on a work trip. Immediately on introducing myself to the young lovers, I was offered a toast of Vodka; it's that kind of a place. The buildings front the water and at night are lit as are the many bridges. The pictures do not represent the beauty of the lighting (phone camera) but give an idea of the ... read more
Nighttime on the River Neva
Nighttime on the River Neva
Nighttime on the River Neva

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Peterhof April 14th 2013

Being in Russia off-season has advantages and disadvantages. The major plus is that everywhere is quiet - that means no queues, and a bed in any hostel we choose, and Russians not sick to death of tourists, but also that we have the chance to get a sense of the natural vibe of the places we visit, rather than being lost in throngs of frenetic tourists. Overall, I'm glad to be here out of season. The downside, though, is that some places are closed for renovation, or just because it is off-season, or they don't look their best at this time of year. And so it was with Peterhof, which was open, but not ready: no fountains at this time of year, the outside of the palace entirely covered with scaffolding and sections of the interior ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Peterhof June 12th 2011

Peterhof or Petrodvorets is a small town some 20km from Saint Petersburg where Peter the Great built his summer palace. The palace also known as the "Russian Versaille", which basically tells you everything: it's enormous, unbelievable and a must-see when in this part of Russia. We spent almost the entire day there, which was nice as it was a very hot day and all the fountains and ponds in the lower and upper gardens were very refreshing. Enjoy the photos ... or plan a visit, you won't be disappointed.... read more
The Grand Palace
Cascading fountains
Grand Cascade

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Peterhof January 11th 2011

Peterhof is a place perhaps everyone has heard about, that’s why I will not dwell on it for a very long time. I know that tourists coming to Russia would first of all visit Moscow and St. Petersburg, and visiting St. Petersburg almost certainly involves a day trip to Peterhof. When one comes to St. Petersburg House of Book on Nevsky Prospect, there are several shelves filled with books devoted to St. Petersburg and all other nearby countries. So, I have always said, don’t expect any matter-of-fact information from me. I have been several times, five, in Peterhof and now I would like to briefly recollect the main emotions experienced there. The first time was perhaps the most emotional – in summer 2007. I am not sure whether I was there alone or with a friend ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Peterhof September 20th 2010

Today we traveled outside St. Petersburg to the town of Pushkin to see Catherine the Great's summer palace. From there we went onto Peterhof, Peter the Great's summer palace that is called the Versailles of Russia. Pushkin, Catherine's summer palace, actually dates back to Peter the Great when he gave it to his wife Catherine I. Their daughter, Elizabeth, ordered it expanded from 14 rooms to 300 rooms and each room, like the Hermitage (winter palace) was gilded in gold. This is the place of the famous Amber Room. The room is completely covered in various types of amber. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures in there. The original amber was given by the King of Prussia to prevent a war but during the removal of art in WWII the original amber was stolen ... read more
Gate guilded in gold
Pushkin palace
Entrance way

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Peterhof May 22nd 2010

St. Petersburg - Peterhof The two attractions that drew me to St. Petersburg, apart from the Winter Palace, were the Catherine’s Palace at Tsarkoye Selo , with its fabulous Amber Room and the fountains of Peterhof. However, since we were visiting St. Petersburg in the first week of May, I was resigned to the idea that the fountains may not be playing. Typically, the fountains play from mid-May till mid-October. Imagine my delight when the guide told us that this year, they had started the fountains on 1st May itself. There was a grand ‘Opening of Fountains’ ceremony on that day. (We have a DVD with 2008 Ceremony.) However, as I did not want to be disappointed too bitterly, I kept telling Avi NOT to expect the fountains while I kept my fingers crossed. Looks like ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Peterhof May 26th 2009

Tuesday 26th May Peterhof Gardens, a sight not to be missed It has been a day of mixed fortunes and highs and lows.First the highs and the low at the end of this blog. One of the pleasures we have had on this trip is the ability to tune into Newstalk ZB via the laptop.It sure beats trying to understand the lingo on foreign TV channels.Of course you don’t get to listen to the usual talkback host you would at home at the local hour you are listening but that hasn’t worried us in St Petes because we wake up to Danny Watson the noon to 4pm host then pass onto Larry Williams and we go to bed with Mike Hosking the 6am to 8.30am host.The only one we haven’t heard so far is Leighton Smith ... read more
The Hermitage from the Neva River

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Peterhof August 27th 2008

Sain vasta asken liitettya edellisen tekstin blogiini. Olen taas tassa isantiemme koneella, joten saa nahda mita tasta tulee. Tama ei ole kovin nopea eika luotettava netti, vaikka isannillamme on ainakin kolme lapparia, jolla kayttavat tata langatontayhteyttaan. Taman paivan suuri saavutus oli, etta paasimme Eremitaasiin ilmaiseksi! Ymmarsimme nayttaa opiskelija korttejamme ja tati loi sitten vain liput kouraamme. Selkea ero Suomeen, mita olen taalla nain aivan ensiksi huomannut, on asiakaspalvelun naennainen toykeys. Tuskin he erityisesti tarkoittavat olla toykeita, mutta taalla hymyt eivat vain kuulu asiaan. Suomessa kaikkia asiakaspalvelu tyontekijoita neuvotaan aina olemaan ystavallisia ihmisille. Joillakin se menee sitten jopa tekohymyn puolelle. Taalla sellaisesta ei ole pelkoa. Hyvin happaman ja tiukan nakoisena metroluukun- tai kaupankassa hoitaa tehtaviaan. Joskus heidan vii... read more
Suklaamuseon edessa
suklaasta oli tehty monenlaista taidetta
Kazanin katetraali

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Peterhof August 27th 2008

Olen nyt isantiemme koneella, jossa ei netti toimi, joten kirjoitan muistiolla ja yritan myohemmin liittaa taman blogiini. Mihin siis jainkaan? Niin, olimme siis seikkailemassa metrotunneleitten syovereissa. Yritimme paasta Nevski-pysakille. Monet ihmiset eivat varmaan ymmartaneet, mita kysyimme, silla he neuvoivat meidat harhaan. Eras liukuportaidenvartija osoitteli ylospain, joten minulla tuli mieleen, etta jospa olisimme jo Nevskin alapuolella.Saapuessamme jalleen maanpinnalle, huomasimme kuitenkin olevamme viela kaukana paamaarastamme. Huomasimme, etta olimme kavelleet yhden pysakinvalin tunneleissa! Samaan aikaan huomasimme, etta emme paasisi enaa metroon ostamatta uusia lippuja! Olimme siis kayttaneet yhdet liput ajamatta metriakaan metrolla! No, sitten vaan takaisin lippujonoon, uudet poletit kouraan ja sukellus porttien lapi taas kohti maanalaista runsaslukuisten kiireisten... read more
Kalle yrittaa osoittaa kasielein Iisakin kirkon suuruuden
Kirkko veren paalla vaikutti 'epatodelliselta', kuin suoraan satumaasta tupsahtaneelta

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Peterhof March 24th 2008

We took a metro and then bus out into the country for the day to go to Peterhof, it was really cool just looking out the windows on the way there, the country is so different than being down in the heart of the city. Peterhof is amazing, definitely called the russian versailles for a reason, even in march when the fountains werent even on. The palace was enormous and spectacular, there are huge gardens leading up to the palace as well as a large fountain with a statue of neptune. Going around back there is a giant fountain down a hill leading out the gulf of Finland. I loved being in Russia in March, I cant really imagine it without the constant light snowfall and there were no crowds of tourists, anywhere! which was absolutely ... read more
The chapel
The Fountains in the Back

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