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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow May 15th 2006

Now as well in Spanish, at the end of the message! Jetzt auch in Spanisch, am Ende der Nachricht! Ahora tambien en español al fin del mensage! ______________________________________________________________________________ Hi Guys, Long time since I haven’t written, but due to the fact that I wasn’t in Moscow for a while there was not much to tell you… but now I’m back and this is what happened lately: Spring definitely arrived in Moscow and outside in the parks the trees are blossoming and the weather is quite nice! Well, it’s still cold in the nights, but during the days sun is shining and we reach about 18 degrees Celsius. On 11th of May we met at Sasha’s apartment where he invited us to Russian food and a nice get together. We spend a really nice afternoon, first eating ... read more
Tulips everywhere!
Thousands of Matrioshkas!
A church in the center of Moscow

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow May 10th 2006

Hello I found a driver in UB, Mongolia. Muj was his name and he, I a guy from France, and two girls from Switzerland hit the road for 10 days. We explored central Mongolia and most of the Gobi desert. Muj had a Soviet jeep/van type 4-wheel drive type vehicle. It fit us all plus our packs and food for part of each day. Muj knew nomads and families along our way so we would sleep in Gers or camp each night and sometimes they had extra food. We gave them some money which was much needed. I loved this trip. We had such a good time. We all were great friends by the end of our time. That many days and nights together. So many great things to see and do. I don't have the ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow May 7th 2006

And so to the current Russian Capital, transport care of an overnight sleeper train, greeted at each carriage by a uniformed babuska. Our hopes of local banter hit a dead end when the two girls in our cabin spoke no English, and spent the night whispering to each other - they must have thought from the 4 words we knew in Russian (Yes, No, Thanks and Cheers!) that we were fluent. Jumped on the underground - I cannot emphasize how good it is compared to the London, and the architecture puts Tottenham Court Road Station to shame! Other than having to count the stations and pretty much guess where to get on and off (The Russians have no intention of making this easy and everything is in cryllic) the journey was relatively simple. Everything we have ... read more
Capitalist Russia!
Best hotdogs in town - on our budget
St Basils Cathedral

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow May 7th 2006

I will tell people that a positive part of staying in Tver is how relatively close it is to Moscow, meaning it's easy to go there for the day whenever you feel like it. Having said that, every time I had been so far it had been planned a few days before, and I had someone to go with or meet me on the other side. So this morning when I woke up and had nothing to do I decided to buck the trend and go spontaneously, on my own. Luck was with me as I got to Tver station at 2 o'clock, only 7 minutes before the next elektrichka. The only thing I brought with me was my book, as three hours with nothing to do was bound to make me work. And work I ... read more
A view from the elektrichka window.
The elektrichka.
Aleksandrovskii gardens and the Moscow Kremlin.

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow May 4th 2006

I went back to Moscow with Liisa this morning, to take the photos that I should have taken on saturday. We took the early elektrichka at 8.30 and were so tired that we barely said a word to each other for the three hour journey. For as long as my eyes were open the scenic route made a pleasant change to the industrial one, especially when we crossed over the lake. My first chore was to buy my ticket to Lugansk on the 17th, from Kievskii vokzal. Travelling from and around Russia is very affordable, so much so that a journey of about twenty two hours in a sleeping train with a bed cost me less than 500 roubles. Having said that I did ask for a place in the most simple carriage, so it will ... read more
Aleksandrovskii gardens.
Liza in front of the horse fountain.
Kaisa and Liza.

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow April 29th 2006

I left the obshezhitie as early as I could this morning to take the elektrichka to Moscow. There was just enough time to queue for a ticket at the train station and find the right platform before 10.15. It was another journey of three hours - the scenery between Tver and Moscow is ugly, with factories and dirty grey buildings on both sides of the track with only a dozen pretty wooden villages to make amends. I arrived to the chaos of Moscow Leningradskii at 1.15, and only got lost once on the metro on the way to see Helen. My route is usually from Komsomolskaya to Novoslobodskaya and on to Tsvetnoi Bul'var so the stations are familiar, but all the same whenever I get on to a train there is still some luck involved in ... read more
The River Moskva and the Moscow Kremlin.
The horse fountain, Aleksandrovskii gardens.
The Moscow Kremlin.

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow April 28th 2006

Hi Folks, Well a lot has happened since last we posted. We left you on our first day in Moscow and this city is in stark contrast to the Czarist splendour of St. Petersburg. While the streets are grand and imposing - the architecture is strictly soviet and almost entirely grey. This time we were staying a little out of town and had to make use of the impressive Moscow Metro to get around. More on this later.... Our first stop in Moscow was to the Bolshoi New Stage. This was an absolutely amazing spectacle to see. We watched The Nutcracker ballet with the music of Tchaikovsky and I think we were both shocked at how much we enjoyed it. The theatre was stunning. The performance was under two hours, but we could have stayed forever, ... read more
Red Square
Communist Party March
The Mekano Set play Red Square

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow April 25th 2006

25th Apr: Got up early (5:45)! Went to the airport, said goodbye to me mam and dad. Won't see them for a year! :( On to the plane, the flight was canny. Didn't seem too long. We got fed breakfast, what airlines lack in quality they make up for in quantity. There was loads of food and I stuffed my face. Descending was a bit bumpy and I felt a bit sick. I think it was due to having scoffed my face. Immigration at the airport was straight forward. I walked out of arrivals to find a man holding my name on a piece of paper. I feel like a proper adult, now that has happened. The weather was really hot, not what I had imagined. The traffic from the airport to the hotel was a ... read more
Red Square
Red Square
St. Basil's Cathedral

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow April 20th 2006

Everybody woke up feeling bad. The linen that the women on the train hand out for 67 roubles is never big enough to serve as a real blanket, and the compartments are very hot all through the night. Even on the bottom bunk there is the threat of falling out when the train jolts. When the lights came on at 6, an hour from Moscow, my skin was greasy and my head hurt. The queue along the aisle to step off onto the platform after a long journey is always funereal. We bought our elektrichka tickets at 7.30 and walked towards the 8.12 train with 'TVER' written on the side, until Kaisa noticed that on the departures board it was only scheduled to go as far as Kryukovo half an hour away. To our horror the ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow April 12th 2006

I will be in Kazan for a week with Liisa, Kaisa and Ella. It is an attractive town of a million people, Russia's muslim capital. There won't be a chance to go to an internet café so I will write up everything when I get back. I hope that my writing and photograph taking will have improved since the last time I was there; it will certainly be a better opportunity to really see the town now that I am six months older and speak better Russian - and won't be relying on a witch-doctor guide for information! Our elektrichka to Moscow is at 2.30 this afternoon, and our 12 hour journey to Tatarstan starts from Moscow Kazanskii vokzal at 7.30 in the evening. ... read more

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