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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow April 12th 2006

I will be in Kazan for a week with Liisa, Kaisa and Ella. It is an attractive town of a million people, Russia's muslim capital. There won't be a chance to go to an internet café so I will write up everything when I get back. I hope that my writing and photograph taking will have improved since the last time I was there; it will certainly be a better opportunity to really see the town now that I am six months older and speak better Russian - and won't be relying on a witch-doctor guide for information! Our elektrichka to Moscow is at 2.30 this afternoon, and our 12 hour journey to Tatarstan starts from Moscow Kazanskii vokzal at 7.30 in the evening. ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow April 3rd 2006

Getting the train from St.Petersburg to Moscow gave us an insight to what our TransMongolian cabin would be like, and it's very claustrophobic! Four bunks crammed into a cabin, with a tiny table and window, it was great fun trying to converse with the local Russian lady who shared with us. We got picked up at the station by a driver for the hostel, in a beat up Lada car whose doors wouldn't open, then wouldn't close, and had to start by rolling. Brilliant! Blaring dodgy German 80s pop music while breaking red lights on our way, we got a great feel for Moscow. Did the usual sights, Red Square with St.Basils Cathedral, the Kremlin with the Armoury and Cathedral Square. One of the highlights was queuing to see Lenin's preserved body in the Lenin Mausoleum. ... read more
Red Square
Communist Protesters
Ministry for Funny Walks

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow April 2nd 2006

Well, moscow is deffinately very different than Saint Petersburg. We had a great time exploring the Kremlin. in one of the museums, i met a businessman from Vladivostock (near Japan) who was describing the differences between moscow and vladivostock. it was interesting to listen to a russian's opinion of the differences in cultural areas (very similar to the differences in different parts of the US). we went to a cathedral where i also met a young russian named Vladmir, who gave me his number and a cassette of russian church music to remember him by. i have yet to meet an american man who was so sweet andfawning- keep that in mind, boys!! ;) we also took a tour around sergeiv passat. this is an active orthodox monestary where we got a private tour of the ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow March 31st 2006

well, we arrived in moscow. the train was very interesting. it seemed so short cuz i slept the whole time. the dinner they provided included a small jar of caviar! this seems to be a very important part of their diet. our tour arround the city was exhausting, since i didnt have a chance to rest after the ride and we went on foot everywhere. we went to a small museum of a medieval russian 'castle' that was so cute! it remided me of the renaisance fair, only everything was authentic 17th century! we took a walk around Red Square. there is a big, beautiful building on one side of the square that is actually a shopping mall! there is another mall that is underground! you can see part of the top buildings from ground level, ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow March 29th 2006

The overnight train from St Petersburg arrived in Moscow at 05:30 in the morning. Not a good start to the day! Our kindly old driver met us on the platform and whisked us through the darkness to our day hotel (we weren't staying overnight). After a shower and a bit more sleep we braved the metro to find our way to Red Square. After a false start (we boarded the North train by mistake - don't laugh, it's all in Russian) we eventually got near enough to Red Square and started the hunt for our guide. The whole thing was like a spy movie. We had been told that "she will meet you by the statue of a man on a horse" (a general from WWII, can't remember his name). Having found this, a woman in ... read more
Nic outside St Basil's Cathedral
Red Square
Moscow train station

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow March 27th 2006

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow March 24th 2006

Myself, Claire, Liisa and Tamzin set off from the obshezhitie at 10.30 this morning. When we got to the train station there was no elektrichka to Moscow until 2 o'clock, so we had lunch in a café until it was time to leave. The elektrichka was the same one that I took two weeks ago; a sort of long prison van with uncomfortable metal chairs, dirty windows and an untraceable damp smell. While they are travelling some Russians take the opportunity to sell things to other passengers. Every twenty minutes or so a person would come through the doors of our carriage - an open suitcase in their hand and a money belt around their waist - and make a loud sales pitch for their mobile phone holders, chocolate bars, portable torches or newspapers. They would ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow March 20th 2006

Hi there... On 8th of March was Women“s day in Russia... Official Holiday!! So on 7th several men of our company passed through the offices and gave roses and a congratulation-card to each woman!! Nice!! In the evening we had a tiny party at the trainees flat... we had a day off the next day, so we had to celebrate... Most important rules if you attend a Party in Russia... 1. If you hear about the party, tell the others! If it would be a private party people would tell you in advance!... Generally, the more people, the better!!! 2. Everybody buys some beer and brings it to the party (yes, eventhough there are other stereotypes, Russians drink far more beer than Vodka) this way everybody contributes to the party... and it is always welcomed to ... read more
And rule No 4 for parties...
The Sushi Bar...
Keep smiling...

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow March 9th 2006

We got up at 8.30 and watched some Moscow breakfast television. My shower was a real treat; I hadn't touched warm, clean water for three weeks. On her way to work Helen left me at Mayakovskaya metro station, which is half way down ulitsa Tverskaya. I strolled down the same street for three hours, trying to get a feel for the place. Being 'downtown' it is incredibly loud; a permanent traffic jam with pavements packed with people. Red Square is half an hour's walk from Tsvetnoi Bulvar, so I walked as far as the Kremlin and back. Looking in some of the shops for a belt and spring jacket was fruitless as every store on each side of the street was very expensive. I glanced up rather than left and right, to take stock of how ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow March 8th 2006

I set off for Moscow at 3.30 in the afternoon. The single ticket cost 68 roubles, about the price of a cup of coffee. My accent was terrible as I first asked directions to the station then spoke to the woman at the 'kassa', but they took pity on me and didn't scowl too much. The 'elektrichka' train wasn't the most comfortable. I imagine it's an elongated prison van; it has a wide corridor, rows of hard metal benches and windows so grubby that it was almost impossible to see the beautiful countryside out of. Coming up from the muddy floor is the strong smell of wet dog. Two hours and five minutes later I was in Moscow. I had no idea that my elektrichka ticket would also let me through the barriers into the metro, ... read more

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