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March 4th 2022
Published: May 10th 2022
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Here is the last entry of our 5 weeks spent in Russia in these trouble times of 2022. Initially we were going to leave St Petersburg on the 12th of March, but we ended up re-booking our flight five days ahead of the schedule time. Result of this was our stay in Moscow would be shortened by few days too.

The think I miss about the last 3 blogs is not to have been able to share great pictures of the great friends we met over the last 5 weeks. But let say that this part will stay private. We landed late Friday afternoon in Moscow arriving from Sochi and would leave on the Sunday late afternoon by the speed train to St Petersburg. Little point to note, in Moscow you spend a lot more time in traffic jams than what you do in St Peterburg, the city is way wider!

The good news of being taking care by great friends, is that they know where is the top food, and yes we had some go at some very good vodka too.

My friend had to work on Saturday morning. So we went to the Kremlin. Bear in mind the Kremlin is divided in 2 parts. You have obviously the political power, but next to it, you visit a series of historic amazing churches. You can guess we went for the churches. If you ask, just look at the pictures and we had the place for ourselves. Full airport check-in style to pass security, all the guards were super friendly and spoke good English.

The streets and squares around the Kremlin where another story that same week-end. Basically, I made sure, as an English speaking tourist, that my camera was visible...and that I would point only at touristic landmarks. Yes, the blue lights where all over the place, let say it feel as a very controlled and safe place. And I mean all over the place big time! So staying safe was actually only obviously if you kept for yourself. Most will understand what I mean!

On the Sunday morning, we visited a local thrift market full of gadgets and local antiques. Here the sound of what is happening not that far away is none existent. I could speak English with no issue. The world was changing over the last few days, but here nothing had changed of the past few weeks.

Nearly no pictures here of the food, but Moscow is clearly one of these foodies place...specially when you are enjoying it with the locals.

Next, we took the fast train to St Petersburg. It's an easy 4 hours ride through mainly forest. This was my first experience on a local fast train. I've done the St Petersburg night train ride in 1991 as well as in 2013, this was a very different adventure, on a very packed train.

Enjoy the pictures. Now let's hope that the nightmare in which we are currently living is over soon. The world need humanity, culture and peace, sadly not really what too many are experiencing today. Too many are suffering and losing everything for no valid reason right now. Today there is only hope, the hope that peace will prevail!

Next entry, back to the Sun...and back to a world of mutual understanding, or at least that is the idea of the next blog!

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