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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Arkhangelsk April 30th 2013

This blog is gonna be slightly different from all my other ones. Usually I travel alone or with my partner in crime, but in this case, I shall be on the road together with PEOPLE. Real people in the real world, can you believe it? Not just random people I picked up at the hostel somewhere either, but people from my Russian group in Halle. The group has been in existence for about nine years already, but I only joined last year. It is a group comprised of students from all kinds of university courses, mostly from Humanities. We have an exchange programme going on with our Russian counterparts in Arkhangelsk, a city in Northern European Russia, located on the shores of the White Sea. Consequently, this town shall be our destination today. Alas, it's a ... read more
House detail
Glorious intoxication
Russian landscape

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Arkhangelsk June 1st 2011

…as I quickly found to be the case cycling across Arkhangelsk Province which, while suffering sub minus 40C temperatures in winter, is baking hot in summer and plagued by mosquitoes in greater numbers than are found even in the densest jungles on the planet. Any attempt to take a breather, particularly if near one of the many lakes and rivers that interrupted the lush myriad of daffodil-speckled green hues making up the landscape, was soon greeted by the sensation that my skin itself was crawling around all over me. For much of the 80km between Nyandoma and Kargopol the crumbling, pot-holed, asphalt road dug its way through thick woodland. It was raised about a metre above actual ground level and the reddish-brown waters of the swampy forest floor collected in long, still, murky ditches on either ... read more
Wooden church and bell tower in Saunino, Arkhangelskaya Oblast
House on the shore of Lake Lekshmozero, Arkhangelskaya Oblast
Cutting wood in Kargopol, Arkhangelskaya Oblast

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