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July 13th 2012
Published: October 16th 2012
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We had an awesome day exploring Ecco with Casha and Galia whom we had met the day before .

We started the day with a swim in the local hot springs, which were right near the river.

I took turns getting extremely hot and bothered in the hot springs then jumping in the cold icy lake.

We climbed the hill, reaching 800 meters above sea level to see Ecco from up above. Casha showed us how to eat young not yet so maturebkedar cones with his teeth. We found wild zhimalist (жималист) a tasty blue berry that grows in far east Russia and Siberia.

Following the climb we descended to visit the local ethnographic museum. The museum is well worth the visit and shows how the local indigenous groups, the Evians used to live.

The next day following the departure of Galia and Casha, we decided to hike the 22km circular trail to the Dark Castles and the Lake Ikar.

The start of the hike greeted us with about 200 new friends.


Probably the least desirable part of Kamchatka during summer is the Mosquitos.

They are strong, few insect repellents actually affect them in any way.

They know deep down they are more powerful then you and if you destroy one of thier allies, many more will simply take thier place.

Despite the Mosquitos the hike through the Byctrnicski (Быстринского) national park - named after river Byctrinicski which means fast, that runs through the national park - was great.

The Dark Castles were majestic in the distance and proved for a great lunch stop. On the way back we made our way to Lake Ikar.

Lake Ikar a UNESCO world heritage site is a beautiful lake which formed as a result of volcanic activity. The lake is located at the base of mountain Dygeren Olengende (1950m).

After a swim in the lake we made the long hike back.

Total kilometers covered = 22.

The final day was spent hiking to Lake Bystrya and relaxing in Ecco whilst enjoying the festivities of King Neptune Day.

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