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Europe » Russia » Centre » Yaroslavl April 5th 2020

On our wedding day Denise & I exchanged gold rings. I was then told I could kiss my bride. I moved in and picked her up which brought gasps and squeals of delight. We then kissed long and hard. The minister said he had never seen that before. I thought he was referring to lifting her off her feet and swinging her around...maybe it was the length of the kiss. Denise also might have been surprised but I picked her up before I kissed her to ensure our kiss was not awkward or distract and relax before we did the deed you might say. Those in attendance described it as a "Jazz Wedding"...'cos we had a hot band instead of an organist. We had attended a massive rock concert with heaps of bands the day ... read more
Cathedral of the Assumption
St Elijah the Prophet
Yaroslavl old town

Europe » Russia » Centre » Yaroslavl June 14th 2011

I guess the Golden Ring can be described as churches, monasteries, churches, monasteries and probably some more churches :) The Golden Ring is made up of some of the oldest cities in Russia – Yaroslavl for example just celebrated its 1000 year existence in 2010. For this purpose Moscow freed up some money and invested in rebuilding churches, renovating buildings, … so Yaroslavl can boast with a neat and clean city center. Sometimes, however, these construction or renovation plans are not so well thought through. The new concert hall which was supposed to be built in Yaroslavl has a nice exterior, but apparently there is no more money for the interior . Nadia, my host, studied English and French – we had many interesting conversations about the Russian and Swiss mentality and given the... read more
Photo 7
Photo 8
Photo 3

Europe » Russia » Centre » Yaroslavl October 15th 2010

October 15, 2010 In October I decided to visit Yaroslavl. It is only 12 hours by train from St. Petersburg. I came there early in the morning and left for St. Petersburg in the late evening. Here I present the highlights of the short trip, if there can be many highlights during only one day. Yaroslavl is also included in the Golden Ring Route. It is one thousand years old. It has a Kremlin, which is actually a former monastery, and a lot of different churches. There are some words to say about the sleep in the train – I didn’t sleep at all. Don’t know why. I was awakened by the steward about an hour an a half before reaching the city, and I got up, and after a very short while I fell asleep ... read more

Europe » Russia » Centre » Yaroslavl September 24th 2010

Today's afternoon is the town of Yaroslavl, one of the oldest towns in Russia, founded in 1010 (yep, just missed the millennium celebration). Today the city has a population of 650,000 working mostly with oil refining and rubber tire manufacturing. The most amazing sight, in my opinion, was the Church of Elijah the Prophet. Built in 1650, this church has amazing frescoes, as Ernest's pictures capture I think. We listened to a male quartet sing in a small chapel that was really amazing. In addition, we were here on Friday, and as we had learned previously in our Russian tradition discussion, most weddings occur on Friday so they have the whole weekend to celebrate. As such, we saw several bridal couples and Ernest had to photograph them. Also, as a tradition, if the crowd yells "gorda" ... read more

Europe » Russia » Centre » Yaroslavl March 6th 2007

I know the stories are not in line but it takes me awhile to get the pictures downloaded to my computer then uploaded on here, but since I had the day off due to Women's Day, I thought I would get my blog updated and back in order. It was a nice day off and Gaukhar and I had a good day shopping and then I came home, made peanut brittle, played volleyball, and now updating the blog. They now call me the "traveling frog" at work. I think that is their way of saying I do not let the grass grow under my feet. I can not argue with any of the statements and want to take advantage since I am here. I sure could not fly to these places for a weekend if I ... read more
Picture on the 1000 Note
At the Show
Center of Town

Europe » Russia » Centre » Yaroslavl June 14th 2006

Hello Everyone, I have spent two weeks enjoying Russian hospitality. We have travelled 1450 km. of rivers and canals, through four bodies of water and 19 locks. At one point we were at the 62nd parallel. That night, when it got dark enough to turn on lights, it started getting light again. Many of us had trouble sleeping. Although the Russians tend to be stoney faced most of the time--they come through when you need them. My plans were to arrive in St. Petersburg on June 5 and join the cruise on June 7 until June 17. My visa was issued for June 5 to 17. One week before I was to leave I was informed that the cruise I had planned to take had been cancelled, but they could get me on a cruise from ... read more

Europe » Russia » Centre » Yaroslavl March 26th 2006

We put our watches back rather than forward last night, so when the woman called our room at 11.30 and told us to leave at once we still thought it was half past 9. We struggled to pack our things and each have a shower in time but somehow we managed. Claire and Orphais had already left to explore Moscow for a day so there was just myself, Tamzin and Liisa left. Chris W picked up where he left off in December by organising a meal out for us and making sure we all got there in time. I remembered the way to the Georgian restaurant with some help from Vladimir Ilych Lenin, who is still pointing towards it. Some of the atmosphere was still there and it was a good couple of hours. Dukhan still ... read more
Ulitsa Svobody.
Scenes from the play.
Scenes from the play.

Europe » Russia » Centre » Yaroslavl March 25th 2006

Yartek is a thirty minute walk from Yaroslavl Glavnyi station - it took us almost exactly fourteen hours to get from my new school to my old one. While we walked I showed Liisa, Claire, Tamzin and Orphais the places that mean something to me; the poliklinika where I took my shirt off for the three women to examine me when I was ill, the Tolbukhina block of flats where I used to live, the Shinnik football stadium, the shop where I bought my winter coat, and Pizzeria Tashir. If the lady with the lazy eye (who always used to make me hot drinks when I was cold) was on night duty at Yartek I knew she would help us to find a hotel. If she wasn't we would have to start looking for somewhere to ... read more
The ploschad' at the end of ulitsa Kirova.
The House of Friendship.
A memorial.

Europe » Russia » Centre » Yaroslavl January 6th 2006

When I arrived in Moscow it was 5 in the morning. I had an awful headache throughout the night in the cramped hot room and was desperate to clean my teeth, have a shower and a glass of water. But first I had to make my way back to Yaroslavl. I found my route on the metro from Kurskaya to Komsomolskaya and then found Yaroslavskii train station. Having asked ten miserable ladies in various kiosks for a ticket and being told to go somewhere else I finally found the right desk, only to be told the first three trains were all sold out. It surprises me how plain, middle aged women spend so much effort on their appearance - dyed hair, thick make-up, name badge carefully polished - only to be so rude to the people ... read more

Europe » Russia » Centre » Yaroslavl December 22nd 2005

A last morning of being shouted at by Marina Ivanovna. My suitcase wasn't in the hall by 9 o'clock. I was going to bring it out of my room when I left at 9.15, the van wasn't coming to collect it until 3 so it made no difference, but it didn't stop her treating me like a mischief as usual. I dragged my suitcase through the snow on my own instead, so that I didn't have to go back twice. It was minus 9 this morning, and Chiara guessed closest again so she wins for the week. I will have to buy her a drink in Moscow! It is a beautiful day - the air is clear and it doesn't feel too cold. Our only lesson today was an informal speaking exam with Viktor. We each ... read more

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