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June 14th 2011
Published: June 14th 2011
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Church in Yaroslavl 1
I guess the Golden Ring can be described as churches, monasteries, churches, monasteries and probably some more churches 😊 The Golden Ring is made up of some of the oldest cities in Russia – Yaroslavl for example just celebrated its 1000 year existence in 2010. For this purpose Moscow freed up some money and invested in rebuilding churches, renovating buildings, … so Yaroslavl can boast with a neat and clean city center. Sometimes, however, these construction or renovation plans are not so well thought through. The new concert hall which was supposed to be built in Yaroslavl has a nice exterior, but apparently there is no more money for the interior .

Nadia, my host, studied English and French – we had many interesting conversations about the Russian and Swiss mentality and given the importance of family in Russia marriage and kids are definitely reoccurring subjects. At the age of 25, girls are usually married and have kids or are at least expecting one. This is slowly starting to change.
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Church in Rostov
The fact that Russians tend to get married young however has also a different reason – there are clearly more women than men , so once you did find one, you want to tie him to yourself by marriage and children. Obviously this cannot be generalized, but I guess there’s at least some truth in it.

Even though I read about the breakup of the Soviet Union and the distribution of apartments, etc., it is still different when someone tells it to you. Nadia’s uncle for example lives in Riga. He used to live in Yaroslavl as well – he saw an ad in the newspaper of someone willing to exchange his apartment in Riga for an apartment in Yaroslavl – they deal was made and as of that moment he lived in Riga. The Soviet Union broke up and suddenly he lives in the
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Me and the tiny bell
European Union and needs a visa to visit his home town, respectively his relatives need a visa to visit him .

After three good days in Yaroslavl, I took an overnight train to my next stop - Nizhny Novgorod.

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Church in Yaroslavl 2
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Rostov - very old old town
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Trying to find the way to the lake...
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oh... there are stairs ;)
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Monastery in Rostov
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To keep in mind: try to wear a skirt and always bring a ''platok'' to orthodox churches
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the Wolga
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Photo 14

Boat trip with the sea gulls
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Photo 15

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The Yaroslavl crew :)
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Crazy cat eating only little chicks

15th June 2011

lol... Manu, that's why there is one good old Russian song about girls going to dances every Saturday night, all standing besides a wall, waiting (not sure what for exactly - the song doesn't cover this part). The song goes "Потому что на десять девчонок - По статистике девять ребят" (something like: "because, statistically speaking; for every 10 girls there are just 9 guys")... if you wanna hear / read the text - http://www.moskva.fm/artist/мария_пахоменко/song_1654515

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