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Europe » Russia » Centre » Pereslavl-Zalessky September 20th 2014

I got up early in the morning without much wish to go anywhere, but still decided to hurry up to the bus station. Today I visited Pereslavl-Zalessky, an ancient Russian town not very far from Moscow (140 kilometers). The bus departed from Schelkovsky bus station at ten o’clock. The web schedule also stated a bus at 9-30 but the tickets seemed to be sold out (recommended to buy one or two days in advance). Everything was all right except for a traffic jam which lasted for almost one and a half hour. The highway (‘so-called’) was for many kilometers under repairs and construction works, narrowing it down, so that the everlasting flow of vehicles, damn them, seemed to go on forever and the bus moved a meter at a time. I was so annoyed. The traffic ... read more
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Europe » Russia » Centre » Pereslavl-Zalessky March 13th 2011

In a country containing 22% of the world's forest, where trees cover an area larger than the USA, one might imagine that nowhere could be that far from a patch of woodland. However, the name of the 40,000 strong town in Yaroslavsky Province where I spent last weekend translates as Pereslavl Beyond the Woods. I was interested to find out if it really merited the name by being any further beyond the woods than your average Russian town or whether it was just that in 1152 its founders realised that to everyone other than the Welsh a nice, short, easily pronounceable name like Pereslavl Zalessky would sound better than a long, difficult one like Pereslavl Natakomzherasstoyaniiotlesakakilyuboydrugoygorodvrossiisky (Pereslavl at the Same Distance from the Woods as Any Other Town in Russia). Beyond the railway line it certainly ... read more
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