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October 9th 2006
Published: October 9th 2006
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New Hair DoNew Hair DoNew Hair Do

Timoffy (spelled a little different than we would in the States) in the background and me and my new hair do. How do women stand wearing these things? They are so hot!
Nothing really to report, but wanted to post this picture from last week. Do not ask me how they talked m into wearing this silly wig, but I did and everyone got a laugh (for obvious reasons) out of it so I thought I would share with the rest of my readers.

I still have a cough, but I feel a lot better than I did this weekend so hopefully I am getting over this cold. If I am, it did not last as long as the last one. I also want to get better before I go see the doctor. As part of my Russia work permit, I have to go tested for just everything under the sun. I do not know all of the tests, but the ones I heard so far, leporsy (what exactly is leporsy, I only know it from the Bible), tuberculosis, hepititus, HIV and all of the other STD's, and a few others that I have not heard of. My boss just went for his and the funny part is you have to go to Naro-Forminsk lab which is north of the plant but your samples are sent to Obninsk which is south of
Dasha and VinceDasha and VinceDasha and Vince

Dasha posing with me and my new hair do. So yes, I can have a little fun at work while being serious.
the plant. Why you could not just go to Obninsk and do it all right there, I have no idea. Never mind, that may mean someone would be without a job and we would hate for someone not to have a job...lol


10th October 2006

nice do1 1 1
Well you look alot like the year you dressed as a woman for Halloween and Jetta dressed as the boy. Remember how bad your feet hurt after running around in high heels? Now the world knows. Ha
10th October 2006

Cute do! Glad to hear you're feeling better too.

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