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Europe » Romania » Dobrogea » Tulcea June 13th 2013

Gretchen is always saying that her 'travel fairy' comes to the rescue when 'she' is needed and you could say today was one of those days but more about that a little later. We didn't hear back from the guy who emailed to say he would be at the hotel at 8.30am to pick us up for a tour of the Delta so we will play it by ear when the time comes or head on down to the wharf area again and see what is available for other trip opportunities including the guy who said he could take us subject to him having other bookings or others turning up to make the trip worthwhile financially for him. We were smart about having breakfast and 8.30am came and went without anyone turning up to take us ... read more
The delta and river
One of the tributries
Down by the river side

Europe » Romania » Dobrogea » Tulcea June 12th 2013

It is farewell to the Black Sea today although at Tulcea we won't be that far away from it.In fact it is farewell to the seaside for some time as our planned journey will now start to take us through countries that only have a coast on their western side if at all and our plans are to stay east at least while we are travelling north. The plan was to take the E87,the main road north from Mamaia and we figured a couple of hours and we would be in Tulcea. The fog had basically lifted and as there were people down on the beach we headed down for one last look and some photos and video with people enjoying the sun again. For reasons known only to Victoria she decided to take us on ... read more
Our 4 star hotel,Mamaia
Gretchen trying th Black Sea temperature one last time
The sun is out,the fog is gone and the sunbathers are back on the beach

Europe » Romania » Dobrogea » Constanta June 11th 2013

This morning we woke to a weather condition we haven't experienced so far on the BBA V2,fog. The view we had up the beach towards Constanta had disappeared completely and there was fog swirling around the hotels around us.Overhead you could glimpse of blue so there was some hope that once the sun got a bit higher in the sky the weather would clear. After a BBA breakfast we headed down to the main road and waited for a bus.A young woman waiting for the bus confirmed that it would take us to a mall we had passed yesterday although it would leave us with a good walk to the attractions we planned to see in the old town. The city's main streets are two or three lane boulevards one of the legacies of the French ... read more
The minaret of the mosque we climbed
Roman mosaics 4th century AD

Europe » Romania » Dobrogea » Constanta June 10th 2013

Crossing borders for the BBA seem to be happening every other day although in reality it is not that frequent but we are starting to tote the numbers up. Another fine and sunny day had dawned(sorry about that to all you Kiwis in the wintry Southern Hemisphere reading this while trying to keep warm)which made for very pleasant driving through the last of the vast Bulgarian wheat and sunflower acreage and over the border into Romania. We were in no hurry again as it was a relatively short journey up to Mamaia a suburb of Constantia and still on the Black Sea coast.Barry the on site manager said for us to take our time but eventually all good things must come to an end and we finally got away from the very comfortable apartment we had ... read more
Fresh breeze,Mamaia
Attractive beach promenade,Mamaia

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest June 9th 2013

Hey guys! Just over a week ago I took a trip for a few days to Bucharest, capital of Romania, after having wanted to visit the city for many years. Being the capital of a communist satellite state, the city retains many strange features not present in other places, making it a unique tourist attraction. The city is famous mostly for the Palace of Parliament, the second largest, most expensive, and heaviest building in the world - containing several different functions of the running of the state. It is also open for tourists to visit, and on the second day of my trip I took a tour, visiting many rooms (including state meeting rooms and a theatre), the basement and the rooftop terrace. The building is almost completely made out of marble with huge chandeliers, and ... read more
Boulevard Unirii
Marble Interior
Inside a House

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Cluj May 16th 2013

Time be flying! Almost feels like a just wrote the last post. Cannot believe it's been two weeks! Time is really starting to fly over here, heck I wouldn't even be able to tell you what day it is. The last post came from Amsterdam just after the queens day calibrations. Since then I have covered a lot of ground and had a many adventure!From Amsterdam I was headed towards Berlin and after somehow missing two trains, I finally got my stuff together and arrived in the ever changing city before nightfall. After grabbing some grub and meeting people in my hostel, me and a few guys headed out to Dr. Pongs, a ping pong bar in Berlin. Literally a bar where you play ping pong against everyone in the room well chatting and meeting people. ... read more

Europe » Romania » Banat April 8th 2013

Everyday for the last month has been jam packed and we have only just had the chance to sit down with enough time to write about Romania. We quickly noticed that most of the people living in Romania are very open and friendly and curious to talk to foreigners. On the train ride from Budapest we were quickly greeted by Alex, he was originally from Romania but working for M.T.V in Budapest. Purely for fun he was coming back to organize a road trip for a few tourists wanting to see Transylvania. We spent the train ride looking at some Beautiful places he was planning on taking them. I had just been reading a book about an Englishman learning to live in a small village in Transylvania and had been really moved by the way he ... read more
Walters apartment.
Romulus and Remus.
Kiwis in Romania

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Prahova » Busteni February 24th 2013

O excursie de un weekend la Busteni. Am vrut sa facem ski, dar am renuntat. Miros de vin prost, agitatie, preturi mari, frig. Pensiunea a fost ok, 80 lei pe noapte, cu lobby/bucatarie. Avea doar 3 camere deci a fost perfecta pentru noi. Am mancat un bulz bun la un restaurant, dar a costat 20 de lei (portia) Foarte frumos drumul de intoarcere - Bran - Fundata - Campulung Muscel - Pitesti... read more

Europe » Romania » Maramures February 10th 2013

MaramureČ™, the most isolated and traditional corner of Romania, has a rich cultural fabric. And the Christmas and New Year holidays bring them to the forefront. I was fortunate to experience those traditions while on a photography workshop with Davin Ellicson this past December. I stayed with a local family in the village of Valeni. Valeni, like so much of MaramureČ™, is a farming community. Life is intense and physically challenging. You work hard in the fields most of the year. You grow, produce and make basically everything that you need. The only little shop in the village has only been there for a few years! The family I stayed with had no indoor bathroom and the only heat was by leaky wood stoves in each room. The food and drink that they shared so generously ... read more

The Transfagarasan is one of the highest roads in Europe and the second highest in Romania. It has been catalogued as "the best road in the world" by Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear. And the truth is that it is an incredible road with outstanding views. The Transfagarasan, also known as the DN7C, reaches an altitude of 2042 meters; it is 92 km in lenght, 27 viaducts and the longest tunel in Romania, of 887 metres. The top speed admitted is 40 km/h and the road is open between June and October; in the winter time, the section of the road between the kilometers 103 - 130 is closed because of the risk of avalanches.The road has been built between 1970 - 1974 with a great loss of human lives; about 400 soldiers died during the ... read more
Balea Waterfall

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