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Europe » Romania » Transilvania March 23rd 2015

Today we were picked up at 7.30am and headed to Sinaia to see a monastery, this was about a two hour drive. A short drive took us to Peles Castle where we explored the grounds and then had a small tour inside the castle. It was very detailed with Italian and German influence but seemed to have no flow as one minute it would be dark woods and gold, the next minute green and white, was quite garish in some rooms. But the outside looked amazing. We then drove through windy forest roads covered in snow for about an hour and arrived at Brans Castle- the home of Dracula or Vlad the Impaler. This was more basic and toned down compared to the previous castle, I preferred the interior of this one. Next stop was Brashov ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania March 21st 2015

I left the hostel Friday morning to make my way to Reading. I got to the train station and had to wait for six trains to go through as they were so overcrowded, also with my backpack I essentially needed the space of two people. I arrived in Reading just before 9.30 and was met by my best friend Aimie who I hadn't seen for almost two years. We walked back to her place and I packed some clothes into my small back pack and we made the hour-ish drive to Luton airport. Our flight to Bucharest had us extremely confused thinking it was a five hour flight as we departed at 2pm and arrived at 7pm, but we're told there was a two hours time difference. We landed in Bucharest, brought some bus tickets and ... read more

Europe » Romania January 20th 2015

All right, I'm not trying to provoke all even show any toughness, but definitely I feel we are - as humankind - struggling deep down with our muddy opinions which does not help us in our evolution. Muddy and gloomy and not in any way free. We do have our very strong and strict ideas which developed under different circumstances. When you about to become a teacher there are few targets you should achieve to be able to prove you do understand what it is all about. And what is it really all about? Pedagogy? Teaching? Educating? In what sense? Do I have enough knowledge to take the responsability? Is there an absolute truth and a totally perfect wisdom which could be shared? Not really. But we should try and find in ourself the term, "Sustained ... read more
New friends
My room, their room

Europe » Romania November 8th 2014

8:30 in the morning, my mobile is ringing. It's my one of my colleagues who came with me from the Netherlands. Where are you? Did you had breakfast yet? We have to leave! Immediately I was awake. I made it just a bit late the last evening and I was not up to date about the agreed time to meet with the rest. Quickly I prepared myself and grab a sandwich from the hotel restaurant and went to the meeting point. All our colleagues were already there waiting for us. With three fully loaded cars we left and drove to the northern direction, towards the mountains. As one of the smallest persons I had to sit on the back and be squeezed with two other colleagues for the next hours, so unfortunately no sleeping during the ... read more
Babele  @ Busteni mountains
Moieciu de Jos

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest November 2nd 2014

The worst you can take away from people: their hope. Many years ago I crossed this country. Till then it was the worst country I ever saw. Everyone try to steal or scam you. Prostitution on every corner and corruption by police and border crossing. After many years and experience I concluded that in the end you can't blame this people. The worst thing was taken away from them. Their hope. The hope for tomorrow and no one who's reaching a hand to help for a better future. Today Romania it is not more the Romania which I remember in my childhood. Especially after this visit, my view to Romania and Romanians has been completely changed. As it was a business trip, instead of a report day by day, I report more the highlight of the ... read more
Palace of Parliament.
St. Peterburg Pub
Zaraza bar

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Bran October 31st 2014

Up now: Halloween, visiting the home country of Dracula and seeing the Transylvanian castles that Vlad III the Impaler resided, in turn, inspiring Bram Stoker's legendary tale. It was a brisk Halloween night when I left Budapest by train for my journey in to the Transylvanian Alps. This party was THE place to be. Vlad, the Impaler himself, invited us all to a killer party at his home, known throughout the lands as Dracula’s Castle. I arrived at the Brasov hostel within hours of departing for the castle. Almost everyone staying at the hostel that night was attending the party, so travelling companions helped pass the 35 minute drive to and from the castle. There were people from all over the world. My hostel covered Brazil, Australia, India, England, Boston, MA, Ireland, and myself; and we ... read more
Virgin of Nurenburg
Vlad Dracul, Himself

Europe » Romania » Dobrogea » Delta Dunarii August 24th 2014

Preturile mari, cam 60euro/noapte, dar camerele erau deosebite. Case pescaresti foarte mari, pline de gresie si faianta, vedere la canal, terasa Restaurantul lipsit de pretentii dar decent, destul de scump (10Euro/ persoana) Plaja excelenta, neaglomerata. Transportul e placut, uneori poate fi gratuit. Singurul dezavantaj sunt tantarii care apar la 8 seara si nu se poate sta la terasa. Per total nota 8/10... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Râșnov August 13th 2014

While having the main headquarters in the camping at Rasnov for the Rockstadt Extreme Fest we also went exploring the fortified evangelical churches in Transylvania. On Thursday we saw Cincsor - Cincu - Dealu Frumos - Agnita - Alma Vii - Richis - Copsa Mare - Biertan - Apold - Barcut - Soars. We entered only Cincu, Richis, Biertan and Apold because the others were closed. On Friday we visited the Rasnov citadel, walked around the town and spent more time at the concert. On Saturday we saw Feldioara - Rotbav - Rupea Fortress - Viscri - Bunesti - Cloasterf - Saschiz - Sighisoara - Darjiu - Daia - Drauseni. In Feldioara and Saschiz we only stopped at the churches and did not visit the citadels because Feldioara is undergoing restoration and Saschiz is in ruins. ... read more
Agnita front view
Agnita side view
Alma Vii

Europe » Romania » Dobrogea » Marea Neagra » Eforie Nord August 11th 2014

Un weekend prelungit la Eforie Nord (joi-duminica, 7-10 august) O statiune cu un exces de autoserviri pe metru patrat, o plaja plina de sezlong-uri. Nisipul era ok, apa relativ curata, fara valuri, fara pietre. Am stat 3 nopti, 180 lei/noapte (40Euro) fara mic dejun, la un hotel curat, cu camere mari, aer conditionat, foarte ok Lipsa oricarei optiuni de distractie e un standard la noi in tara.... read more

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest » Centru Civic August 11th 2014

I've been living in Bucharest for 18 years and I tend to walk through it without looking around much. At some point, I noticed that there are some wonderful buildings in this city and that, even though most of them are not very well taken care of, there are still plenty of things to see here. This is more of a photo album than a trip and I hope it will grow over time. There are plenty of beautiful things in Bucharest that I haven't seen and plenty others that I've seen too often and became used to pass by without a second thought. I intend to change that.... read more
Lutheran Church
Sissi Spring
Small Lake in Herastrau

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