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November 21st 2013
Published: November 22nd 2013
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Question: What is the dominant religion in Romania, and how does this faith differ from Christianity?

<span>Website: http://www.everyculture.com/wc/Norway-to-Russia/Romanians.html#b#ixzz2lK5jYKWa

What I learned in the passage I read, is that Romania accepts Christianity. They also built churches for the Christians to be able to visit and be close to god. Eventually, Romans decided to say with their religion of Romanian Orthodox. In other words Romanians didn't change their religion at all. They just decided that maybe it's okay to accept other religions and so they did.

The dominant religion in Romania, is the Romanian Orthodox. Although it's their dominant religion, they also have a smaller population of Catholics. This faith actually does not differ from Christianity. The reason for this, is because Romanians accepted Christianity as time flew by and as they stayed with their own religion. So basically, Romania is similar to Christianity although that is not their religion, but they accept it in Romania.


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