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May 5th 2010
Published: May 5th 2010
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It is really cool that the 7th grade kids remember me from my last visit. If I'm fortunate enough to return I will certainly remember at least some of them personally. The teacher was about 10 minutes late to class so when I asked the class if everyone was there and they said "yes," I took it on myself to begin the lesson. They said their current assignment was to write a short paper on Leonard da Vinci. The easy thing to do was to have them read out loud portions of their papers. It soon became apparent a number of kids were cut&pasting from the same web site. I lectured them about original work and not using words they don't understand.

Third grade kids are just beginning to take their English studies seriously and they are attentive, if not very productive. But if they are similar to the 5th graders they will get better fast. The teacher whose 5th grade class I visited, started the kids off and then asked me if it would be ok if she took five minutes with a new student-teacher. She was gone 50 minutes, leaving me to do as I could. The kids were superbly behaved and co-operative. I even began assigning homework for the next class. :-D

Unfortunately, the life of a tourist is as much about things missed as things seen/done. I missed a film festival last week and will miss a Jazz Festival next week, as well as the philatelic gathering.

The search for t-shirts will always remain a challenge, as XXL is not so common and the shops are so small that they have what they have when they have it. Plus I will always refuse a Dracula image at all costs. The thing is that, with the exception of high-cost football jerseys, Romanian-related subject material is rare. I did see employee t-shirts in a non-stop fast food, but I didn't fell like taking a job just to get one.

Tomorrow I leave Sibiu and go to Gura Humorului, where an ex-Peace Corps volunteer is spending the summer.


5th May 2010

Nice comment about "preaching" to the "cut and paste brigade", John. This is quite a serious problem here, which becomes outright plagiarism when the kids reach university.

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