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May 2nd 2010
Published: May 4th 2010
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Meal time at N.'s house in Sibiu is always a glorious hodge-podge affair of food grabbed from the fridge supplemented by the ocassional new aspect. Breakfast, lunch or dinner there is not a firm division of types of food for each one.

After breakfast Nick and I went for a brisk walk in the warm sun to attend the weekly get-together of the local philatelic association... the half that meets in the smoke-free environment. They have a storefront the club uses. We stopped at a church for a quick visit and then N. and the guys discussed a major philatelic event they are hosting next week. Collectors from all over the country will converge and buy, sell and swap.

Afterwards, at N.'s suggestion we relaxed a while. Regretably I missed arriving in time to go to the family's house in the countrside where they work a piece of land for fresh veggies for their table. I would have liked that. He called (English Professor) Carmen to join us on a trip to the moutains, primarily to show them to me and to re-stock the family supply of mountain spring water. The road became the expected winding affair. Two motorcyclists cutting blind corners almost became our hood ornaments. A picturesque village was a highpoint as we careened through it. Video to follow, I hope. Several stops to admire the view (and huge cowpies) and the fill-up on a couple weeks supply of drinking water.

N. takes his day of rest very seriously, as we broke bread and relaxed for the balance of the day.


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