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August 3rd 2008
Published: August 3rd 2008
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The next day we were planning to take the bus to Medias, then from there the bus to Biertan and after visiting the village we would have walked 5 km till the next village, Richis... but because the night before we arrived at the hotel after 11 PM, waking up early in the morning wasnt so easy.

Actually we've missed the 11 AM bus to Medias only by 5 minutes. So we decided to take the 12:57 train but after I ve done some calculation our time wasnt enough. The train ride was quite interesting, its been a while since I traveled with the personal train (this train stops in every little station and its driven in slow speed).

The ticket costs around 1,5 Euro and it takes 1 hour and a half to get to Medias. On the way to there, in every village the train stoped I saw fortified churched but unfortunately I couldnt get off to visit them. The bus station in Medias is right on the right corner of the street after you exit the train station but surprisingly or not the bus to Biertan just left 15 minutes ago and the next one was in 2 hours. That being said our plan to visit both Biertan and Richis in the same day was ruined. It sure wasnt our lucky day...

So we spent our time visiting Medias fortified church and walking around town. The church was built in around 15 century, gothic style and is under Saint Margaret's protection. As an interesting fact: on 1476 in the Trumpeters Tower, Vlad Tepes aka Dracula, was jailed after a conflict with Matei Corvin. Inside the church there were signs with NO PHOTO but every group around there was taking pics and so did I.

I really can say it was one of the few cities I was suspicious when it came to visiting it outside the tourstical area.
We came back to the bus station to take the 3:45 PM bus to Biertan and all that time we were waiting a few little gipsies were following us asking for money.

After one hour we arrived in Biertan and the village was so silent. A woman who was with us on the bus told us that it would be better to visit the next day cuz they celebrate the village's day (just as they
Fortified church - AgarbiciuFortified church - AgarbiciuFortified church - Agarbiciu

It wasnt so easy to take pics from the train but in some villages I managed to get a few
did in Cisnadie). It took us a while to find the entrace to the fortress even if it was under our nose.
The church was build around 15 century, gothic style and has 3 concentric defense walls. Among the towers inside the fortress the most interesting one is the Prison Tower. It was used when a couple wanted to divorce, and before they took the final decision they were locked inside for 40 days, having only one small bed, one spoon, one plate etc. If after this period they still wanted to divorce they aproved it but in the long history of the tower only one couple did it in the end.

So after we took some pics, bought some souvenirs we wanted to go to Richis but it was already late. we expected our bus to arrive at 6:15 PM but it came at 5:30 so if we werent in the bus station earlier we would have missed it.

Anyways that didnt matter cuz when we arrived to Medias the last bus already left and there wasnt any later. First we went to the taxi station but when we asked how much will it be to Sibiu, one of the taxi driver said 30 Euro, another 25 and then they both said that if we willing do pay in a different way then our money arent needed. I just told them to f...k off and went to the train station where the next train to Sibiu was late at 9:25 PM. Again we were hassled by the little gipsies so we prefer to spend our time in the cetral park. When our train came into the train station we were suprised that for the same price on the ticket this train was a blue arrow type, a lot more comfortable and clean. So once again we managed to get to the hotel very close to midnight.

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Medias - view from the central parkMedias - view from the central park
Medias - view from the central park

In the background The Church's Trumpeters Tower
Brateiu fortified churchBrateiu fortified church
Brateiu fortified church

5 km on the Medias-Sighisoara freeway, around 14 century in a advanced state of degradation
Sarosu pe TarnaveSarosu pe Tarnave
Sarosu pe Tarnave

After Brateiu village before you make right to Biertan
The Prison TowerThe Prison Tower
The Prison Tower

Here the couples that wanted to divorce were locked for 40 days. So romantic!
Busy village life Busy village life
Busy village life

On the bus back to Medias
A sweet breakA sweet break
A sweet break

In a cafe in Medias, waiting for our train...yammy!
Finally our ride...Finally our ride...
Finally our ride...

Blue arrow train - remember the train we took from Sibiu to Medias? Different era!

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