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April 6th 2012
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Wake up refreshed, and the hostel had cereal for breakfast so we went and helped ourselves. I always find it strange to drink milk out of a carton that is stored in a cupboard...just seems wrong.

We were booked on a tour to see Bran Castle, Rasnov and Sinaia and our taxi arrived at around 9:30 to take us and an aussie boy Jacob around to the sites (80Lei each).

Our first stop was Sinaia. Now it was Good Friday for us but not in Romanian so there were lots of school kids visiting everywhere. AT Sinaia it was mainly teenagers. We hiked up the hill and Sinaia was beautiful!. We paid 20Lei to go on a tour, but you aren't allowed to take photos. They have someone join your tour who is in non descript clothing and just follows you around who is policing this (as Jacob found out!) You can pay to take photos which was 30 Lei but we decided not too.

Our next stop was Bran Castle about an hour and 15 mins from Sinaia so we sat back and watched the sites go past. Learnt a little Romanian frm our taxi driver and discussed sheeps cheese which we found for sale at Bran Castle and Rachel bought some (very good!)

Bran Castle was also 20Lei to enter we had intermediate age kids at this one. No vampires jumped us but we both were nerds and put the vampire teeth I had bought the night before in and took a couple of red eye photos (while noone else was around mind).

Last stop was Rasnov. There is a little train (a tractor puling a train cart) up the hill for 3 Lei, but they didn't charge us for whatever reason. The entry fee was 15 Lei and to be honest the place was a bit disappointing. It is a run down old fort, there is really no information so we didn't know what it was all about. These were all the primary school kids running around and there were lots of tourist shops trying to sell us stuff. So we went up took some photos of the view and then headed out (really only 15-20mins here inside Rasnov because we didn't know what else to do!)

Our taxi driver took us back to the hostel, Rachel and I decided to go back to the Romanian Restaurant and had a meal of cabbage leaves with mince (for Rachel) and veges (for me since I don't like pork) and it was yummy!

Had a light walk around town to digest and then head back to sleep


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