Day 5 - Brasov (Overnight train to Budapest)

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August 3rd 2015
Published: August 4th 2015
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Hard to believe this is my last day in Brasov. I’m trying to conserve money so have decided to have a relaxing day and just check out the town. I went through my suitcase this morning and was able to dispose of around 5kgs worth of clothes that, while I like, I could not be bothered carrying for the next 2 weeks. I have decided that this is a great way of helping people to get rid of their unwanted junk, pack it up, strap it on their back and make them carry it until they are willing to throw it away. Once I made it into town I sat and read my book in the park and enjoyed the sunshine. After this I decided to go for a walk to the Black Tower and the White Tower. These are both lookout towers situated up an incline, which in the past would have been on the border of the town. There was an amazing view from up there. It was while sitting up there, enjoying the view, feeling totally content that I received an email from Fin at CXC (the Umbrella Company. Through my work I have a holiday fund where I have been putting money aside for the last 18 months each week to use during the holidays. I had previously taken money out of it but my estimate for how much was in there was around 1000 pounds. I emailed Fin last night asking him to split the money out over the next few weeks only to have him inform me that I only had 249.99 pounds (before tax) in my holiday fund. Naturally I shit my pants. How could I possibly get by in Europe for 3 weeks on that measly amount. After changing my pants, I emailed him back telling him to check again cause obviously I should have more than that. I got his reply back saying that indeed I do – there is 998.60 pounds in the account, though because 750 pounds of it was accumulated last year it does not appear on my recent payslips. Crisis averted. I no longer need to sell my body on the street for food – hooray!, not whore rae! With that behind me it was time to gather my things together and head towards the station to catch my train on to Budapest. My first impression upon walking into the couchette carriage was, how on Earth are 6 adults and their luggage meant to fit in this tiny space, whilst also crossing my fingers hoping that no pone else followed me in to the carriage. This hope did not last for long and I was soon followed in by a family of 5 with 3 children. They proceeded to talk to each other and the carriage attendant in Romanian. I got the gist that they seemed to be taking to the man about swapping carriages. I was left feeling awkward, smiling like a fool unaware of what was actually being said. This conversation proceeded for around 10 minutes before the mother in the family approached me and said something in Romanian. I smiled politely and asked if she spoke English. Turns out that she spoke brilliant English, and was able to ask me if I would be willing to swap compartments. Seeing as this involved sharing with 3 people instead of 5 I happily compiled. Plus it would have just been awkward to stay there if I had refused. There was only 1 woman sitting in the carriage when I entered. Awkwardly entering and trying to find a place to store my luggage I attempted to start a conversation. Her English was very limited but I managed to get that she lives in Budapest and has been visiting her family in Brasov. We them just sat there across from each other smiling until it just became too uncomfortable and I got out my laptop. Eventually my other carriage mates returned, though there English is quite limited too. This is going to be a long night.


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