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September 16th 2011
Published: September 20th 2011
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A day with no Florin means we got to sleep late. Still up by 8:30am, and hit the road at 10am. I did not do any yoga this day. The plan was to take a cab to St. Bartholomew's church, then walk to the nearby bus station to catch the number 20 bus to Poina Brasov. We found a very friendly cab driver who spoke English. He said he would wait for us while we were at the church, then would take us to Poina Brasov for 30 lei. We decided to take him up on that plan.

No sign of life at the cable car, so we thought our plan was not going to work out. Enjoyed a very tasty lunch on a deck at the base of the ski slopes, gorgeous views. Noticed a cable car running! The cab driver had brought us to the wrong cable car --- it was not closed after all. I guess he did not know everything after all 😊

Linda went shopping, the other three of us took the cable car up. Really really high off the ground. A bit of swooping when we went through the wheels at the towers – everyone in the cable car reacts as if its a roller coaster then laughs, Amazing views. They are building a manmade lake at the top; concrete is poured and they are lining with plastic. They will use this water to make artificial snow.

At the top we chose the blue stripe trail. Very steep, so beautiful. Carrie and I had brought one pole each, wished we had two. Leslie preferred using her poeten. We hiked in for a bit then sat and soaked in the energy of the forest. No bears. We hiked back up, making one wrong turn then adjusted back to the trail.

Trees growing into the mountainside create very convenient steps with their roots. Took some great photos when back up at the top, then back on the cable car for the ride down. Carrie and I were very much wishing that we had set aside a full day for hiking.

Rejoined Linda, waited for a cab for about 10 minutes beneath a taxi sign; saw not a single cab. The bus station was across the street and we saw the incoming bus arrive. So we changed our plan on the fly and were able to get tickets on the bus. Easy ride back, and the bus stopped right in the center of the old town; 3.5 lei (each) well-spent.

We did a bit of final souvenir shopping, one last beer at a cafe in the middle of Strada Republicii , and went to Prato (the Italian restaurant) yet again. The waiters and waitresses all know us now. Cabbed back to the apartment for one last night of drinking wine in our apartment kitchen.


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