It had to be done!!!!!

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August 8th 2013
Published: August 8th 2013
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We were all sad to leave Eldorado camping, a lovely site with great facilities including use of the lake and the pool all for under £10.00 GBP. Setting out we knew it was going to be a long drive and with Woolly clutching his bulb of garlic we were off.

Woolly says – it’s better to be safe than sorry I say, we’re in Dracula country and getting ever closer to his lair. Once the city was behind us Ollie was in his element racing along the roads with very little traffic to annoy him. The scenery was ever changing and as we wound round each corner we were met with ever more spectacular views. The towns continued to fascinate us and I set Jo a challenge of taking a picture of the many horse and carts we were passing whilst we were moving.

This was easier said than done and as Woolly chuckled away I missed shot after shot due to them being on the wrong side of the road or traffic passing just at the wrong moment. Two hours later and I was tiring of the challenge when I caught the perfect picture, thankfully.

Woolly says – it caused me no end of amusement and I thought of getting her to take one of the storks that sit high above us on the telegraph poles in each town but I didn’t think she would go for that. Each village although appearing to be the same as the last had subtle differences and obviously great pride in their country from the number of flags on display. As we started to climb more we met slow coaches, lorries and buses which didn’t seem to deter the Romanians who, regardless of the bend in front or the solid line on the road, hurtled past. The views got better and better with pretty churches and spires and road side sellers with their onions and garlic. I tried to convince them to stop to get more supplies but my request was greeted with gales of laughter.

We do keep explaining to Woolly that he has nothing to fear but he won’t have it, even after explaining that Dracula is a work of fiction written in Whitby, Yorkshire he still wasn’t convinced. We were making good time and as we came whizzing round one corner we found the level crossing barrier closing, we waited patiently for the train to pass but in vain. Instead we were amazed to see three men set to work welding the barrier back into shape! Once they were happy with their work the barrier was lifted and off we went…..curious.

Woolly says – as the kilometres disappeared under Ollie’s wheels we continued to climb up the windy roads and back down again and still the views changed. With only 20 kilometres to go we could clearly see the Carpathian Mountains high above us adding even more to the stunning views. Jo spotted the camping sign first and as I saw the name my blood ran cold and I gripped onto my garlic even tighter, how they could bring me to Vampire Camping!?!

How could we not, with a name like that it was a must stay, a basic campsite with a friendly owner who welcomed us and booked us in for 58 LEI (approximately £11.20 GBP). It has everything we need, except for a longish walk to the facilities, but it should keep us fit for the next couple of nights. And tomorrow brings the ultimate castle in Transylvania, home to Dracula!

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8th August 2013

It had to be done!!
Hi Jo: I only know you from playing a couple of the games. I didn't realize you were traveling in another country until you mentioned Romania. I have a granddaughter that was adopted from there when she was a week old. She is now 21 yrs. of age and going to college. I wish there was some way that she could see all the pictures you are posting. It has to be so exciting to travel like you are doing. I haven't read all your blogs but now I think I will follow them the rest of the time. Have a safe trip and look forward to reading more. A fellow gamer, Peggy
9th August 2013

Many thanks
So glad you are enjoying them, although the travel does mean no game playing! Pass the link to your granddaughter on facebook or get her to add me so she can see the pictures. Lovely to know people are looking at what we do and thank you for your good wishes.
9th August 2013

Poor Woolly! He clearly didn't do his homework - vampires (at least modern day vampires) love garlic! lol! Did he get a cross as well? And some holy water? ...and, Woolly, remember to not invite them inside the tent! :D Lovely country - enjoy!
9th August 2013

Poor Woolly indeed
Oh dear I better not tell him about the garlic, he crossed his paws if that counts but could only find a watering can for the Holy water! It's a fantastic place and will be sad to move on tomorrow.
9th August 2013

Cute blog
I guess it is best that Woolly hang on to the garlic just in case.
9th August 2013

Smells a bit round here!
We have managed to get the garlic off him but he does wiff a bit, now he knows they don't come out during in the day he is feeling a lot safer!

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