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Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest » Centru Civic July 12th 2016

12 juillet J'attend mon bagage à l'aéroport de Bucarest, assommé par mon vol Québec-Roumanie et son trop court transit à Londres. L'aéroport international de la capitale roumaine est quelque peu délabré, minuscule et plutôt démodé. Devant les carrousels, quelques étagères longeant les murs remplacent les hors-taxes clinquants des gros hubs. Une pyramide de boîtes rouge en évidence propose aux voyageurs les ''Dracula's Magic Pralines''. C'est donc confirmé: je suis de toute évidence dans le bon pays pour chasser le vampire. Autour de moi, les roumains de l'aéroport m'ignorent. Ça cachent bien leur jeu les vampires! Il est 17h00 à Bucarest et minuit tapant à Montréal. Lorsque vous dormez, les Roumains, eux, s'activent. Vous savez, c'est bien connu, les vampires vivent la nuit. Voilà: moi je dis que c'est louche. Je q... read more
Piata Universitatii
Rats de Bucarest

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest » Centru Civic May 19th 2016

We arrived late last night so we spent the afternoon today just transferring from our hotel to our Airbnb and getting our bearings around old town. We had a leisurely lunch at a Lebanese restaurant and then took in the national history museum (robyn mistook it for the natural history museum). It mostly consisted of a reproduction of Trajans column from Rome. Not quite sure how that fits in with Romania's national history, but it was informative at least. Then we saw an exibit of ancient roman gold and silver. And lastly there was an exhibit of polish posters from wwii to present day. Hopefully the other museums will be more focused on Romanian history. Went to Van Gogh restaurant for a light dinner.... read more

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest » Centru Civic August 11th 2014

I've been living in Bucharest for 18 years and I tend to walk through it without looking around much. At some point, I noticed that there are some wonderful buildings in this city and that, even though most of them are not very well taken care of, there are still plenty of things to see here. This is more of a photo album than a trip and I hope it will grow over time. There are plenty of beautiful things in Bucharest that I haven't seen and plenty others that I've seen too often and became used to pass by without a second thought. I intend to change that.... read more
Lutheran Church
Sissi Spring
Small Lake in Herastrau

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest » Centru Civic January 19th 2012

We arrived in Bucharest via the train from Brasov, and followed our instructions from the metro to our hostel. We decided to stay out of the city centre this time due to the protesting. We stayed in an old soviet block building area of the city. We have seen these areas in many of the eastern European cities we have been to but never stayed in one, its amazing at how large they are and how many people they stuff in there. The best part was trying to find our hostel as they all look exactly the same and are numbered in a confusing manner, for example our hostel was building EB302A-C. We found it, caught the tiny creaky elevator up and later found out that we were only 50kgs off the maximum weight. (Mikaela would ... read more
Village museum
Arcul de Triumf
Village museum

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest » Centru Civic August 26th 2011

Then – Bucharest. We made our way, gingerly, down the fantastically bad Romanian road system, marvelling at the only length of motorway in the country. A decent part of the road this, and it really didn’t go anywhere. We had decided to live it up a little in Bucharest after a few months of camping – we booked a pretty flash room at the NH Hotel Bucharest. A bathroom, aircon and telly – it even had tea and coffee making facilities. Fighting through the Bucharest traffic was easier than I had anticipated. Or perhaps I had simply grown used to the peculiarities of Romanian driving. Romanians, I had discovered, were really pretty ordinary drivers. Sure, they made it a matter of pride that they can pass on a blind corner, or aiming straight at the Tatra ... read more
Kerbside parking, Bucharest
Old town, Bucharest
Dogs of Romania

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest » Centru Civic August 17th 2011

I arrived in Bucharest early in the evening so I went out for a couple of drinks and a meal before heading back to the hostel. I was surprised to find out that when I got back to there a party going on in its grounds. From what I could gather (as I had myself had a few drinks by then) it was a France appreciation society and they had invited lots of French expats for the evening. They didn't mind me gatecrashing!! I spent the following day wandering around Bucharest, it has the second largest building in the world (behind the Pentagon) - the palace of the parliament. It measures 270 m (890 ft) by 240 m (790 ft), 86 m (282 ft) high, and 92 m (302 ft) underground. It has 1,100 rooms, 2 ... read more

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest » Centru Civic May 8th 2010

5 May 2010 After a sleepless night on the overnight train from Ankara, we arrived in Istanbul on the Asian side early morning and caught a ferry over to Europe. Istanbul from this viewpoint is absolutely gorgeous. We enjoyed the short and cold ferry ride over to the European continent. Nina, our tour leader, led us to the Constantine Hotel, which is the main Intrepid hotel here in Istanbul. We were able to leave our luggage and went with the others to a Turkish ‘McDonalds” type of place to have breakfast. We said our good byes, as this was the last morning of the trip and went to check out the Grand Bazaar. It was around 9am at this stage. The Grand Bazaar was very different from most of the other markets we had been to. ... read more
2. Ferry to European side of Istanbul
3. Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
4. Kitten in Istanbul

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest » Centru Civic May 27th 2005

Chegamos em Paris no meio da manhã. O dia estava bonito e ensolarado. Lembro de sentir aquele bafo de calor gostoso quando descemos do avião. Depois de 12 horas de ar condicionado, nada melhor que isso. Já sentia meu nariz melhorando. Embarcamos para BUCARESTE (Romênia), em outro vôo da Air France. O avião era bem menor e com menos atrativos também. A viagem era curta (2 ou 3 horas), mas foi bastante agradável. Ao sobrevoarmos o Lago Balaton, na Hungria, a vista do alto era belíssima. Impressionou o tamanho do lago. Chegamos em BUCARESTE por volta das 14hs. Trocamos dinheiro no aeroporto e tivemos nosso primeiro contato com os lei romenos. As bagagens devem ter chegado bem antes de nós, pois minha mochila não estava na esteira, mas encostada num canto. Bizarro. A mala do Márcio ... read more

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest » Centru Civic July 28th 1975

Another Aeroflot flight, aboard a Tuploev 134, brought us from Moscow to Bucharest and the beginning of travels though the Eastern Bloc countries. I primarily recall walking in a pleasant park in Bucharest, though we did see the Curtea Veche (Old Court) and many of the historic churches of the city, including the Old Court Church and the Metropolitan Church. Both had been royal churches. We stayed at the Hotel Bucharest InterContinental, opened only in 1971 and the tallest structure in Bucharest by far. It was located across from the university and afforded a view all over the city.... read more

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