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Europe » Romania » Moldova » Vrancea » Focsani May 26th 2010

The baton that is your humble commentator was passed along to Ana and her husband Sorin for the second part of my visit here. She is a very Type A, as befits the manager of the Foreign Language Library here. She used the donation of books that I sent to create the special section. They have finally (more or less) finished cataloging them and have counted 10000 volumes so far. They got a building and have filled four rooms with them. To stand there and look around and see that all of these books came from St. Louis and passed through my hands is a bit humbling. I once again met the director of the library as a whole and we discussed politics, social conditions, books and more. One of the unique aspects of law they ... read more

Europe » Romania » Moldova » Vrancea » Focsani May 25th 2010

All of my various hosts have been most generous in letting me use their home computers. I have no problem with going to a net cafe and paying to use on, but since wi-fi is so wide-spread there is virtually no need for them, because people have high-speed net at home and tey just bring their laptops when they go out. My first full day in Focsani a drive to a village to drop off Dan's old beat-up Dacia pick-up and get Ionelia's folks newer and roomier car out of storage in granny's garage. The battery was dead and while he stripped a standard extention cord to make a jumper cable I. and I went on a tour of granny's large gardens. I helped her pick grass to feed the chickens. We hooked-up with their friend, ... read more

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