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Europe » Romania » Maramures » Maramures June 12th 2018

HE SAID... Today we were travelling east from Debrecen in Hungary to Maramures in Romania. We arrived at the Hungarian / Romanian border mid-afternoon, where an austere young policeman came onto the minibus and took our passports. We then waited for an hour, not allowed to get out, until the passports were returned. At one stage we saw the young policeman come outside and have a cigarette, laughing and joking with his fellow police officers only a few metres from where we were trapped inside the minibus. Luckily, our bus driver left the air conditioning on, so we didn’t overheat. Our passports were finally handed over, and we continued our journey east towards Vadu Izei, a village in Maramures. While the landscape didn’t change much in terms of rolling flat agricultural fields stretching to the horizon, ... read more
vadu izei
vadu izei
creamy green bean soup

Europe » Romania » Maramures » Maramures » Sighetu Marmatiei July 31st 2014

Vaduz Izei, July 31 We just had a great bus trip from Budapest to Sigetu Marmatiei in Northern Romania in the heart of the Marmures region. We booked on the internet using the the free access at the end of the tills in the local Tesco's in Eger. We took the express bus back from Eger to Budapest and had been told to meet the 'car' at the AGIP petrol station outside Keleti railway station. We had booked with Christian Tours (who later turned out to be an agent) and the courier was Edmeea Trans (book direct with them to save 10€/person). The 'car' turned out to be a very nice 19 seater minibus. The driver was expecting 16 clients and we hung around waiting for a passenger on a delayed international train from Germany. It ... read more

Europe » Romania » Maramures » Maramures » Poienile Izei June 30th 2013

Maramures. Zona respectiva trezeste fiori pe sira spinarii celor care nu au ajuns acolo inca. Dar nu trebuie sa disperati. Va facem noi o impresie a zonei respective. Si cine ajunge acolo trebuie neaparat sa faca o plimbare cu mocanita! Acolo descoperi zona Vaii Vaserului si tot ce tine de Viseu. Si daca tot eram in zona trebuie neaparat sa ajungem si in Tara Lapusului cu a sa Manastire Rohia. Si nu uitati si de Manastirea cea mai inalta din lemn de la Surdesti. Si Sublimul excursiei se poate incheia cu Complexul de la Barsana-un loc spiritual unde te regasesti pe deplin. Iar daca mai aveti chef sa mai vizitati cate o bisericuta din lemn specifica zonei amintim, Leud, Botiza, Poienile Izei, Vadu Izei, Bogdan Voda, Rozavlea, Petrova (comunitatea ucrainiana), Poienile de sub Munte, Va mai ... read more
Manastirea de la Surdesti

Europe » Romania » Maramures » Maramures » Sighetu Marmatiei September 12th 2010

Romania 12/09 to 20/09.... read more

Europe » Romania » Maramures » Maramures June 9th 2009

Maramures Day 3-4 (June 9-10) A bus journey to Debrecen was next where we had a few hours to spend before catching the train. This was a surprisingly large town on the Hungarian border. It was a very hot day, and we were happy to sit at a café for a long lunch, only making a brief foray into the nearby square. Catching the train from Debrecen and finally crossing out of the Schengen area into Romania. The border crossing was fairly painless and I made sure they had stamped my passport to show I had left Schengen (very important for the rest of my travels). The countryside quickly differed from the Hungarian open planes, becoming much more hilly and treed (is this a word?). We were met at the station by a private van, taking ... read more
View from balcony of Guest House
Merry Cemetry 1
Wood Carver

Europe » Romania » Maramures » Maramures » Baia Mare October 17th 2008

14 OCTOBER - EGER TO VADU TZEI (MARAMURES) VIA DEBRECEN Early start this morning and had left the pension by 8am. Mode of transport on this very long travel day included a bus, followed by a train, then a tram, then another train, then private transport. We got to the bus station bright and early and found our bus. There was already a queue (of sorts) of locals waiting to get on. The boys took care of all of our luggage so that we could all hop on and make sure we all got enough seats. Turned out that wasnt really neccessary as the bus driver realised we were Intrepid and let us on first. And boy did we get some death stares. After that it was a tram ride to town where we had a ... read more

Europe » Romania » Maramures » Maramures » Baia Mare May 30th 2007

Botiza Botiza is a little village in northern Maramures, off a road, off a road, off the main road. When we got to Botiza we took a side road and found a nice guesthouse where we asked about parking up our van. The said 5 euros to camp in their garden and to use thier bathroom and shower. We had just managed to park the van between the spud patch and the plum tree when our hosts, Alexanderso and Lucia had poured us a glass of thier home made plum brandy (palincă) and invited us to sit down with them and their guests for a drink. Conversation was a little slow as we have no Romanian and their only forign language was French, so had to rely on what Shilpa remebered from French in school. With ... read more
The Locals passing their time away at the pub
Dara not quite fitting in with the locals
Cabbage, Tomatoes, and more Cabbage

Europe » Romania » Maramures » Maramures » Baia Mare May 27th 2007

Wooden Churches, Folk Festival and Mass! The drive from Rohia to the Maramures was to take us by a number of traditional wooden chruches that are on the UNESCO world heritage list. Our timing at the first church coincided with Sunday morning mass. As we walked up to the wooden church two old ladies, dressed in full traditional costume ushered us in, next thing we knew we were sitting in Greco-Catholic mass, which turned out to be quite a fascinating experience. In contrast to the system Im used to in Ireland, it was men at the front and women at the back. I got a seat in the front section and Shilpa got a kneeling space at the back. The interior of the church was stunning, very small inside with wooden walls colourfully decorated with paintings ... read more
300 year old Wooden church and bell tower
Kids running around
Church Interior

Europe » Romania » Maramures » Maramures » Baia Mare May 26th 2007

We started our drive for a region called the Maramures. Reading about this area was really what enticed us to visit Romania. Due to its geography, the huge mountain range, it has been seperated from the rest of Romania. So it really did feel like going back 100 years in time and some of the villages felt untouched by modern times. Our first stop was a Cluj Napoca, a large university town, with lots of cafe bars. We only stopped briefly as we were excited to head to the more medieval Romania. Travel distance by this time we had realised took us twice the time we expected due to the state of the roads and on going road works on all the 'major' roads! As was it was dangerous to travel in the dark due to ... read more
Entering the Maramures region
Holy Camping Spot!
Working the fields by hand

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