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April 25th 2010
Published: April 27th 2010
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I met Peter on-line through the Ro-Maniacs Yahoo Group. There was a meeting of the minds on a number of issues and we decided to meet on my arrival.

After a couple days of connections with Romanian friends I wanted to see a little of my host Peter (and his family's) work. They have been most gracious to me. They are independent Baptist missionaries, sponsored by a church in mid-Pennsylvania for almost 10 years. I hoped to expand my experience and not be a hinderence to them.

The day was a non-stop whirlwind of ministerial activity. First stop he was essentially the warm-up for the main worship activity at a church in the city. After a liitle chit-chat with the church members we were off to a gypsy village on the other side of Lugoj. The attendance was sparse, but spirited. I read the subject passage (in English) to myself and just followed the vibe as he spoke in Romanian.

Though he kept apologizing (and somehow cursing the roads in whatever fashion appropriate for a minister) I found them endurable. No doubt because I don't face them on a daily basis.

We ended the day in conversation on several more serious social matters, including general Romanian conditions topping it off with adoption. As it tirns out both of us are adopted and they have adopted a local (and very charming) daughter to add to their family. She joins the interesting and entrepeneurial Jonathon, who has launched his effort to be Romania's natural soap king.

Before going to bed I discovered somehow I lost the train ticket. :-(


2nd May 2010

Thinking... you should look into your shirt pocket for that train ticket... who knows what else is there? :p

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