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Europe » Romania » Banat » Caras Severin » Caransebes June 2nd 2015

Seven English teachers from three countries pile into a van and drive to Romania. Sounds like a bad joke. In reality, an amazing weekend. It was a cold, drizzly Saturday in May in Budapest when took the airport bus to a stop before the airport and got lost on the way to the car rental place. We had to be there at 5. I got there at 4:55. I was the first one there. John showed up at 5 and we paid 10 euros extra per day to upgrade to the minibus. Such a good decision. Niamh showed up shortly after that, and we drove across the street to put gas in the bus. On the way, when we were turning around because we thought we were driving the wrong way down a one-way road (we've ... read more

Europe » Romania » Banat » Caras Severin » Baile Herculane August 25th 2013

Ako sa dá vydedukovať už z nadpisu, tak dnes sme sa rozhodli urobiť si výlet do okolia a navštíviť nejaké jaskyne. Prvá bola Pestara Haiducilor (zbojnícka jaskyna) a ako sa názov napovedá skrývali sa v nej zbojníci. Táto jaskyňa vyzerala veľká, ale boli v nej netopiera a tak som jej ďalšie objavovanie radšej zrušila. Druhá jaskyna bola Grota cu Abri asi hodinu odtiaľ. Išlo sa k nej stále do kopca a vôbec nestála za to. Bola to vlastne len taká výhlbeň a pred vchodom vychádzala sírnata para. Až tak veľa sme toho v tento deň nenachodili, ale bolo veľmi teplo a tak sa nám už nič viac veľmi robiť nechcelo. Večer sme sa ešte vybrali do malého jazierka s minerálnou vodou, ktoré sme si vyhliadli už včera. Mali sme šťastie, nikto tam nebol a tak sme ... read more
Baile Herculane - Pestara Haiducilor
Baile Herculane - Grota cu Abri
Baile Herculane

Europe » Romania » Banat » Caras Severin » Baile Herculane August 24th 2013

Dnes sme sa plánovali vrátiť späť do Baile Herculane. Pán u ktorého sme bývali nás odviezol až do Iablanice a odtiaľ to bol len kúsok vlakom. Hneď ako sme vystúpili v Baile sa nám prihovoril mladý muž, či nemáme záujem o ubytovanie. Súhlasili sme a tak sme skončili v rumunskom paneláku - ale zas sme aspoň skúsili niečo iné. Baile Herculane je kúpeľné mesto a vraj sa tu kúpal už Herkules po ktorom dostali meno. V minulosti to boli vyhlásené kúpele pre smotánku. Tieto časy sú už dávno preč a tak tu ostali len staré neopravené domy a kolonáda. Ale aj tak nebolo ťažké predstaviť si ako to tu muselo vyzerať v minulosti. Zvyšok mestečka ešte dotvárali hnusné veľaposchodové hotely postavené v komunistickom štýle, ktoré sa tam vôbec nehodili. Atmosféru dotváral vajcovkový zápach ktorý sa priebežne ... read more
zástavka Iablanica
zástavka Iablanica
zástavka Iablanica

Europe » Romania » Banat » Caras Severin February 6th 2011

22-6-2007 Şopotu Nou and a short journey in the neighbourhood By 11 or so I was in Şopotu Nou and the heat was being to build up. The village was extremely quiet and I was pleased to see an open door into a courtyard where I found the village bar and shop. I sat and drank a great deal of some bubbly lemon drink and started to think about the next stage of my journey. It wasn’t long before I set off again and initially picked up the trail quite easily. As the path reached the river I was amazed to find a car drawn up with a couple sunning themselves in bathing costumes beside it. It was such an old fashioned rural landscape, their presence seemed very strange. I was in a broad valley with ... read more

Europe » Romania » Banat » Caras Severin » Anina February 6th 2011

25-6-2007 The journey towards Semenic - I turn back again I liked the look of Anina which has some pleasant 19th century buildings. However, since the maxi taxi up to Caraşova was to leave fairly shortly I didn’t have a lot of time to look round. Ioana, my head of department at school, rang to ask if I was alright and I was able to reassure her that, today at least, I was sticking to ordinary tourist activities. I bought a paper to see if I could read about Katy’s death but it is already fading from the news. The other passengers on the maxi taxi to Caraşova advised me to enquire at the new hotel on the main road where I am dropped off about accommodation. There I was told that a room would cost ... read more

Europe » Romania » Banat » Caras Severin » Oravita February 6th 2011

25-6-2007 Oraviţa and the forest railway We arrived in Oraviţa at 6.00 in the morning. I bade my new friend a swift farewell and I rushed off to the train station to find out about train times up to Anina. I was very keen to take this journey as I had heard that it is the oldest stretch of forest railway in Romania and one of the steepest. It was built between 1847 and 1863 and the process involved cutting several tunnels and building many high slender viaducts. The journey is reputed to be extremely beautiful as it passes through wonderful countryside. The station lived up to the reputation of the line and was delightfully old fashioned. I met up with a station official whose conversation transfixed me. I couldn’t take my eyes of his teeth ... read more

Europe » Romania » Banat » Caras Severin February 6th 2011

24-6-2007 Melecxina Once I reached the stop I found an old couple waiting there already. I fell into conversation with the lady who is going to catch the bus and who is called Melecxina. Melecxina is a little older than me and had a mass of grey curls pinned back under her regulation headscarf. Those that had escaped nodded enthusiastically in support of her animated conversation, which from time to time takes on a confidential tone. Her husband would be returning home having accompanied her on the journey and stood apart from this woman talk, felt hat firmly planted on his head. The pair of them have walked for two hours from their village, Vale Roşii, to reach the bus stop. She told me not to worry about being unfamiliar with this bit of the world. ... read more

Europe » Romania » Banat » Caras Severin February 6th 2011

24-6-2007 Following the dream – Dealing with fear. As I was going to be travelling through most of the night I decided to try and sleep for a few hours in the late afternoon and evening as some compensation. I had settled down for an hour or so when my mobile phone rang. It was Mirela the director of the school I teach at in Bucharest. She was in a very emotional state. “Minna, are you alright?” “Yes, thanks, just fine! How are you?” “You’ve got to stop wandering about in the wild. Katy’s been killed!” “ Who - Katy - John’s wife? How?” “She was attacked by a bear in the mountains yesterday: You can’t keep on wandering around on your own!” “But there’s nobody who wants to come with me!” “You must come back ... read more

Europe » Romania » Banat » Caras Severin » Oravita February 6th 2011

21-6-2007 I set out over unmapped country An hour or so later I reached my turning and bade my fellow passengers farewell. As the minibus sped off into the distance I stood for a few minutes gazing out over the Danube and towards a very magnificent and mysterious looking Serbia. Then I turned up the small road towards Sicheviţa. My journey on foot had begun. All along the road were large mulberry trees casting great shadows stained an even deeper shade where their purple berries lay. I ate handfuls of the luscious fruit and arriving at a spring outside a church I helped myself liberally from this as well. It was a very fine breakfast. Just as I was coming to the end my mobile phone sprang into action. I was extremely surprised to discover that ... read more

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