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Europe » Romania » Banat » Caras Severin » Oravita February 6th 2011

25-6-2007 Oraviţa and the forest railway We arrived in Oraviţa at 6.00 in the morning. I bade my new friend a swift farewell and I rushed off to the train station to find out about train times up to Anina. I was very keen to take this journey as I had heard that it is the oldest stretch of forest railway in Romania and one of the steepest. It was built between 1847 and 1863 and the process involved cutting several tunnels and building many high slender viaducts. The journey is reputed to be extremely beautiful as it passes through wonderful countryside. The station lived up to the reputation of the line and was delightfully old fashioned. I met up with a station official whose conversation transfixed me. I couldn’t take my eyes of his teeth ... read more

Europe » Romania » Banat » Caras Severin » Oravita February 6th 2011

21-6-2007 I set out over unmapped country An hour or so later I reached my turning and bade my fellow passengers farewell. As the minibus sped off into the distance I stood for a few minutes gazing out over the Danube and towards a very magnificent and mysterious looking Serbia. Then I turned up the small road towards Sicheviţa. My journey on foot had begun. All along the road were large mulberry trees casting great shadows stained an even deeper shade where their purple berries lay. I ate handfuls of the luscious fruit and arriving at a spring outside a church I helped myself liberally from this as well. It was a very fine breakfast. Just as I was coming to the end my mobile phone sprang into action. I was extremely surprised to discover that ... read more

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