3 Travel Opportunities You Can’t Afford to Miss

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August 10th 2020
Published: August 10th 2020
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Even if you travelled every day of your life, you would never see everything the world has to offer.

Every nomad has their own personal bucket list of travel dreams that may never be realised, but you can certainly give it your best shot!

If you’re a traveller constantly seeking new experiences, new destinations and a new route to freedom, any of these unmissable travel opportunities could be your path to the trip of a lifetime.

1. The Random Adventure

Your travels can take you just about anywhere – so let them!

Arranging an impulsive, last-minute trip is one of the most exhilarating ways to travel if you have the means and the time – not to mention, it’s perfect way to snag yourself a bargain on flights and hotels.

In fact, when it comes to accommodation, why not forgo booking and find your hotel when you arrive? Hotel-hunting can be a great introduction to a new city, as it’s the perfect opportunity to find your way around your new surroundings. And by choosing your hotel after assessing it in person, you won’t be disappointed when it doesn’t look like its pictures.

When it comes to activities and day trips, don’t go searching on Google for the top tourist hotspots. Instead, ask the locals what they would recommend – it’s the best way to discover the hidden secrets of your holiday destination.

2. Travelling solo

This might sound scary, but there are actually a number of benefits to travelling alone.

You’re free to choose absolutely everything about your holiday, from your destination, to your accommodation, your activities and where you eat. With no one else to plan around, you have total 100%!f(MISSING)reedom for the duration of your holiday.

Travel should be a freeing experience, after all – and what could be more freeing than independence? Plus, travelling alone doesn’t mean being alone – solo adventures are a fantastic opportunity to make new friends.

Those seeking a soul-searching travel experience should consider a solo voyage to discover themselves and connect with the world.

3. Relocate

This future-proof opportunity is perfect for the practical traveller.

Citizenship by investment schemes are becoming increasingly popular, and one of the world’s most successful is the Golden Visa in Portugal.

There’s no travel experience more rewarding than living in another country, and Portugal is highly popular with expatriates across the globe.

The Golden Visa scheme, which offers residency rights in return for investment in the property market, requires a minimum stay of only seven days per year in the country and grants the holder freedom to travel throughout the EU, meaning it could be your key to unlimited adventure, as well as working opportunities.

Investment is a huge step, so it’s worth enlisting a little professional help – Property Lisbon are experts in helping international investors get onto the Portuguese property market so they can guide you all the way.

We hope these ideas inspire your next travel adventure, wherever you go next!


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