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Europe » Portugal » Northern » Viseu June 19th 2018

Was up shortly after sailing this morning, 6.30 & by 7.30 breakfast as I was quite hungry. Ate a good meal and ashore by 9 for the Museum talk. Plenty of detail, interesting film footage from 1960s. When port tasting time I went down to museum exhibits which were pretty much the same as the talk. The rest of the day was just sailing upriver to the furthest point the ships can go on the border with Spain. Beautiful views in glorious weather. Slowed near Pinhao as Viking ship coming down and looks interesting enough for a couple of hours whilst people go to Quinta's on the day we stop there. Have plotted with along the river and hope to match photos when home. 3.20 now and in a lock that takes almost an hour ... read more
Bridges near Regua
Regua to Pocinho train

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Viseu April 16th 2018

Viseu was a place we had never heard of until a friend moved there to teach last year. It's taken a bit of coordinating but at long last we managed to find convenient dates and we had the pleasure of Lucy showing us around her town. Forgive the title of this blog - all will become clear soon! Set in the hills about two thirds of the way between Lisbon and Porto, Viseu is a beautiful place with stunning views all around. Yes, it's a bit on the chilly side at this time of year, but it's nothing that a decent jacket can't cope with. There are some coach trip tourists during the day but in general visitor numbers are minuscule compared to Portugal's more popular places. It's best to start at the highest point, around ... read more
The Horse's!
Viseu Chocolates

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Viseu April 19th 2017

19th April A stormy night with high winds, the sound of thunder & rain, but it cleared by morning although the wind kept up. A little stiff in the ankle & calf department this morning. Found out that a couple from Blackpool rocked up in a van last evening so I went over to have a chat to them before it got dark, they live near Stanley Park & South Park Drive! Had a good laugh. Small world. Up, got sorted out & then went down to reception to see Rieca for the police phone call. Didn’t need her as it happened as someone was there with half decent English. Despite us saying we couldn’t go back to give a statement they were expecting us! She said she would try & organise for us to visit ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Viseu September 16th 2013

And so the journey beggins...I got all of my shit packed up, I did the online test for the course of Italian that I'm taking for the whole semester. Friday at 8:55 am me and my friend Inês will catch a plane to Bologna, Italy. Now it's time for farewell to friends and family with some tears envolved.... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Viseu May 26th 2013

I remember mentioning in a previous blog entry, that the difference a warm welcome makes is huge. When we arrived at our chosen campsite: Quinta Chave Grande, near Satao, in central Portugal, we were tired and a bit tense, due to negotiating fairly narrow and steep roads again (flash backs of the road to San Sebastian!!), the reception area was down a steep driveway and the sign on the door said ‘Bar’. We tentatively looked in through the beaded curtain that hung at the open door and were greeted by Theo Pouwels and his wife Charlot, a Dutch couple, who both shook our hands, offered us a seat at the bar and immediately asked what we’d like to drink! The first drink, we were told, was on the house, as Theo found us maps and site ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Viseu August 10th 2011

'Ej Monika, če boš poleti kaj na Portugalskem greš lahko na plesni festival na severu, v eni mali vasici. Si že slišala za Andanças??' Tako približno je bilo en mesec nazaj, ko mi je kolega iz Portugalske omenil ta festival in sem še isto noč brskala po internetu in postala vročična od navdušenja. Ugotovim, da je to eden največjih plesnih folk festivalov (in tudi vseh ostalih plesov) in jaz o tem nič ne vem!!! Sao Pedro do Sul je letos gostil že 16.edicijo tega festival. Pa sem šla, da vidim, slišim, plešem in firbcam. Tako je bilo en teden od jutra do večera tečajev na pretek. Veliko folklore: grški, italijanski, portugalski, španski, irski,...plesi in poleg tega še delavnice sambe, kizombe, tanga, stepa, hip hopa...seveda ni manjkalo malo sproščanja: joga, meditacije, veliko glasbe. In ponoči? Koncerti do ... read more
mesto z rbiško tradicijo
ploščice in ploščice in ploščice..veste koliko dela je s fugiranjem hehe

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