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Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Funchal December 17th 2004

Hello my fellow travellers! This was probably the worst day of the trip for me. I was completely knocked out by the flu and totally bedridden (or in reality bathroom ridden) for the whole day. May day pretty much all consisted of vomiting and forcing down some creamy soups and Pepsi, which was the only combination of food and drink I could manage to get down. Fortunately they delivered everything to my room promptly. I was also given a antibiotics cure by the boat physician. This was something that actually plagued the whole boat (both my mother and uncle contracted it towards the end of the trip when I was starting to feel better) so he really had his hands full and even forgot to charge us for it. My parents had actually been quite concerned ... read more
Cool Towel Folding!

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Funchal December 5th 2000

Hello my fellow travellers! Continuing to catch up on the travels of my youth the turn has come to a short trip to the beautiful island of Madeira. This was my last trip all up until 2004 but we did make it count. I have surprisingly few photos from this trip, but I do have many good memories of it though. First off, Madeira means the green island and it lives up to the name as it's covered in emerald green forests as far as the eye can see and it's absolutely gorgeous. We stayed in Funchal but we moved around quite a bit on the island, visiting the Valley of the Nuns and several other small villages across the island such as Sao Vicente where we visited the Church of Saint Vincent of Saragossa, the ... read more
Dance Exhibition

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