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Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Madeira September 24th 2019

Olá! Bom dia! Jawel! We mogen weer! Op wat kleine en absoluut geslaagde uitstapjes na, is het alweer een hele tijd (lees: veel te lang) geleden dat ik me voor een langere periode buiten de grenzen van ons koninkrijk bevond – wintersport daargelaten. Ook leuk. Ik roep niet helemaal voor niets ‘we mogen weer’ want deze keer ga ik met een heuse groep op stap in het prachtige Madeira om daar het Portugese leven te proeven. Met de vele opties die onze blauwe planeet te bieden heeft, was het enigszins een dilemma – hoezo luxe probleem – om überhaupt een top 3 te maken, laat staan de spreekwoordelijk knoop door te hakken. Ik heb het dus wel gedaan en niet te lang gekeken naar de bijbehorende kosten…Ach, dan maar een maandje geen boodschappen doen... Wie mij ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Madeira December 31st 2017

MADEIRA Wat is nou een mooi moment om weer eens een vakantie te boeken: Wat denk je van een lang vrij kerstweekend Na wat zoeken naar verschillende bestemmingen kwam de gedachte aan Madeira op. Jaren geleden zijn we daar ook al eens geweest en het is een heerlijke wandelbestemming. Het oog viel op een hotel wat weg van het drukkere toeristische Funchal. Het wordt Quinta do Alto de São João een hotel op een berghelling in Ponta do Sol, auto erbij, die heb je wel nodig om verschillende bestemmingen te bereiken. Ja en dan ga ik maar meteen op zoek naar websites met informatie, download ik een app met Levada wandelingen en zet alvast wat "niet te missen" bezienswaardigheden op een rijtje! 2 Weken voor onze vertrekdatum krijgen we de reispapieren (tickets en vouchers) binnen! ... read more
Onze auto voor de komende 2 weken
Cabo Girão
Aangekomen op Madeira

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Madeira August 18th 2017

The island of the levadas - that pretty much sums up a big part of the hiking trail network on Madeira. These water carrying, tunnel passing, the fields irrigating, hiker pleasing channels, formerly built by slaves, are a sight itself and should be at least one part of any Madeira itinerary. We saw several of them - Levada dos Balcoes, from Ribeiro Frio to Portela, the Levada do Norte to Cabo Girao, the Levada Nova and the Levada do Moinho, and the Levada da Serra. Each of them, all accessible by public transport, was special in its own way: - Ribeiro Frio to Portela: starts easy through a forrest in Ribeiro Frio, passes walls of green with a bit of running water, has several smaller tunnels with steep descents right next to the path, ends up ... read more
Approaching the airport of Madeira
Garajau beach
Ponta do Garajau

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Madeira January 12th 2017

Hej Alle, Et lille billede fra ferien til Madeira, som var helt fantastisk. Savner virkelig alle de søde mennesker, den smukke natur og selvfølgelig den daglige yoga. Billedet er taget fra en af de mange skønne morgensvømmeture efter 2 timers yoga, den perfekte måde at starte dagen på. Øverst på klippen kan lige skimtes det smukke hotel, som man også kun kan drømme sig tilbage til. Knus... read more

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Madeira May 15th 2011

Two things have struck me in nine years traveling to Madeira: 1) how amazing the roads are and 2) how few visitors take advantage of them. Some of the roads are quite epic, whether sweeping clifftop coastal roads or traversing the steep valley walls of the interior and, outside of the main towns, you have these roads largely to yourself. Both the quality of the roads and the scenery that surrounds them make Madeira a driving destination in its own right. Yes, Madeira for a fly-drive holiday First thing to mention are the highways or 'Auto-estrada'. Huge sums of public money have been spent making more of the island accessible, and the only way to put expressways through such difficult terrain (Madeira is essentially a mountain serrated by valleys) is bridge-tunnel-bridge-tunnel. Each and every metre of ... read more
Under the waterfall
Down on the bendy road
Tunnel in Ribeira da Janela

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Madeira December 30th 2010

We arrived to rain, so we opted for the hop on hop off bus tour and we decided on a seat undercover. It was a good option as we got to see a lot of the city, got our bearings, and allowed the rain Gods to finish up their gardening. After the bus we jumped on the Gondola which took us to the top of the hill. The rain scared away most of the tourists so there were no lines and we got a Gondola to ourselves. We had great views all the way up. Most of our pictures don't do the place justice. This city would make San Francisco look like Saskatchewan. Every house has a view of the ocean cuz each one is higher than the next. We're hopeful the parking break technology in ... read more
Andra and the Snowman
Our Boat!  From the gondola
The Cliffs of Funchal

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Madeira October 21st 2010

Madeira - Day 10 We quickly disembarked so we catch the cable car to Monte before the tour buses arrived, and as we rode up in the first chairlift of the day it started to drizzle, at this stage we had no idea of what was to follow. We made our first mistake when we reached Monte, we decided to stop and admire the great views over a coffee. The tour groups over took us and we ended up in a huge line for the wicker taboggan ride back down the mountain. As we inched forward in the line, the rain fell heavier and heavier until it turned into a heavy tropical downpour. Ron kept telling me it would be worth the wait as it was such fun riding in the taboggan. After standing in the ... read more
The QE and Azura bow to bow
Ships names on the port wall
Painting by Ships Crews on the port walls

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Madeira August 15th 2010

Maggie is a little oldish lady, an ex-diplomat who has been everywhere but still adheres to scrupulously high standards of domestic cleanliness. She holidays with Gabriel and Gabriel with her. They are birdwatchers. As a couple, they are unlikely. Gabriel's apartment is a filthy dump. Maggie arrives the next day. Gabriel gets drunk to get in the mood for cleaning and finds he isn't really in the mood. It's 6pm. He needs a cleaner. A cleaner in Funchal at dusk? Probably impossible. He certainly can't clean the place on his own. How about a whore? Whores do anything for money. Gabriel has a few more bargaçeira and makes for the docks where he has seen, but never partaken of, whores before. Gabriel finds a whore. No sex, he explains, just cleaning. She tells him to fuck ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Madeira April 26th 2009

More from Friday We went to the early Captain’s Circle party and had our pictures taken with Captain Tony Yeoman, our very British ship’s Captain. Then went to an early dinner and the theater production. It was wonderful - great singing, costumes and staging. After it we went to the Explorer’s Lounge to listen to “dancing through the decades” - we listened to music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Since we had slept in we decided we should actually try to get up early on Saturday. But neither of us could go to sleep - well after 2 AM before we could nod off. Saturday, April 25, 2009 We were awake before our alarm went off at 8:45 AM - remember that is 2:45 AM NE time. We even lose another hour Saturday night. We ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Madeira March 24th 2009

Hello all!!! I finally got off the ship!!! YAY!! After 7 very long sea days, yesterday I had the pleasure of disembarking on the Portugese island of Madeira. The name of the port was Funchal, and my friends and I left the gangway at noon and started my first European journey. The first thing we did was boarded a shuttle, which cost $5 US for passage to the city and back (a great deal, considering guests had to pay 10 euros for taxis). By the way, the current exchange rate for the US:Euro is 1.35:1....which isn't all that bad. The ten minute shuttle ride took us to the edge of town. Remember, Madeira is an island off the coast of mainland Portugal, and this particular island has all of the homes that people live in built ... read more

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