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June 12th 2012
Published: June 12th 2012
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Alright ladies and gentlemen, or should I bring it back to calling you baby birds, I am going to stick with biby birds. It is time I introduce the next expedition: the Western Conquest of Europe (including the running of the bulls in Pamplona). Along for the ride or run, making up wolf pack numero dos, if you will, is (drum roll please) one Douglas Duffey. The man from the Northwest bringing the talents of oyster shucking, snow shoeing, leaf raking, and most of all navigating oceans will be vital in this expedition. There will also be Bryce Stirton all the way from the only state to look like a kitchen appliance, Oklahoma. Bryce's bravery and most of all ingenuity will cause us to somehow outsmart the large angry bulls we are running away from with some sort of crazy rhetoric. And finally rounding out the wolf pack is our old friend, you all know and love, Mack Haisten. The one who provides the laughter in the group, not because of what he says necessarily but just because who he is (and no we are not laughing at him, we are laughing with him). The only man with the experience of a "big city" like Dallas and the charm of a small state where Bill Clinton and Wal-Mart's origin will no doubt be essential to our success in this adventure that awaits.

I know you are thinking "But wait, where and when? And what is really going on?" I will tell you: July 6th we depart the great states of America. We arrive in Lisbon the 7th and will await our destinies in Pamplona with the bulls beginning July 11th. After that, who knows but I do know spotaneity will bring experiences that we will never forget. I will speak to you soon, most likely from the great country of Portugal. Who really is known for speaking Portugeuse.


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