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Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Cascais August 30th 2021

Noch beseelt vom Vortag starten wir mit dem Abschied von Tobi – er bereut nicht, dabei gewesen zu sein und wir bereuen sehr, dass er schon „gehen“ muss. Schön war’s zu viert. Nachdem wir es gestern nicht nach Cascais geschafft haben, steht die Stadt nun für uns 3 Verbliebenen heute auf dem Plan. Wir steigen in den Zug und staunen nicht schlecht, als auf höhe des „dritten Abschnitts von Lissabon“ auf einmal das Wetter schlecht wird. Dicker Nebel verhindert den Blick auf die Stadt und das Meer. Zum Glück nur ein kurzer Spuk, denn noch vor der Stadtgrenze strahlt schon wieder die Sonne. Crazy! In Cascais angekommen, schlendern wir ein wenig durch die wirklich sehr schön anzusehende Stadt. Überall wechseln sich Restaurants und kleine Läden ab und das Flair hat wirklich sehr viel von Urlaub. Wir ... read more
Tobi on a run
Cascais II

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Cascais November 28th 2019

Returning to Lisbon, there are multiple giant nests built into trees, and even electrical towers. White heads pop out, and as the birds take flight, we spot our first storks, but no babies in sight. Unfortunately, Chris now has caught something so we decide to lay low for a bit......... but not for long and we are off! Off to see Pink Street which is .......... a street painted pink. It appears to be the signature for a night life gathering spot with clubs and bars. Close by is the Time Out Market in an enormous building that showcases the best restaurants of Lisbon. It is like a tapa’s buffet of 40 different markets. Whatever you want to eat or drink, it is here. Strangely, there do not seem to be any Portuguese people in attendance, ... read more
Museu do Dinherio - The Money Museum!
City Hall - Lisbon
The Pink Street - Party Central!

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Cascais September 27th 2017

It seems that mayoral elections will be held throughout Portugal on Sunday, and unlike back home, they seem to take this very seriously here. When we got back to the apartment last night we struggled to open the door for all the propaganda that had been stuffed under it. This morning we can only get out of the square near the apartment along one very narrow alley. One of the only other two alleys is blocked with placard carrying marchers, and the other one by a loud brass band. We wonder if brass bands would ever take off as part of electioneering back home. Somehow I don't see Malcolm Turnbull and brass bands going together. We decide to head for the seaside town of Cascais, which is about a half hour train ride west of Lisbon ... read more
Municipal offices, Cascais
Yachts sailing off Cascais

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Cascais April 13th 2016

We have had a very comfortable stay at the Air BnB apartment of English couple Jane and Steve. It’s interesting how, when we haven’t been around English speaking people for a number of weeks, that it is very easy to strike up conversation with people who speak and understand the same language as ourselves. Jane and Steve have built themselves a business that suits their lifestyle and as they mentioned it is just a 2 hour flight back to their children and grandchildren every 3 months or so. Sticking to the coast we headed west to Peniche, which sits on a peninsula, and we will do the circuit to take in the scenery. Although we had only travelled a little further south on the coastal plain it was apparent that the land seemed to be able ... read more
Peniche beach
Rocky Point,Peniche

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Cascais February 25th 2016

Thursday 25th February, 2016. Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon is the capital and largest city of Portugal, lying on the Tagus River. We have been here many times before and because of this M decided she would rather stay in bed than get off as she had a stinking cough and cold. D left to meet Pam and Stewart but about 10 minutes later M was woken by Pam who persuaded her that she would feel much better on-shore, away form the AC (which turned out to be correct). M made the effort and left the ship with Pam to join D and Stewart who were waiting in the cruise terminal. We walked the twenty minutes or so to the train station. While D and Stewart went to get the tickets M and Pam went into a chemists ... read more
68.  Stained Glass at Igreja de Santa Maria Maior Sé Patriarcal de Lisboa
1.  Praia da Rainha, Cascais
12.  Monument to the Portuguese Discoverers

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Cascais April 22nd 2014

Last night we once again had a bit of trouble getting to sleep on account of some man screaming outside. At first I thought, how nice, some late-night Fado! Nope, just repeated yelling of the same unintelligible, though somewhat lyrical thing. We still managed to get up a bit after 8 and head down to our gourmet breakfast of assorted breads, yogurt, and sliced cheese. Once showered we started to make our way West toward the Museu Nacional do Azulejo, the National Azulejo Tile museum. Lisbon's azulejos are iconic and ubiquitous throughout the city, so it was interesting to see their history and evolution. The word itself comes from the Arabic 'azzelij' or 'az zuleycha' which means small polished stone. It was cool to see the various styles and influences, from Arabic geometric patterns to Eastern ... read more
Passing by the Praça do Município
Canned feast at Sol e Pesca!
Praia da Ribeira - Cascais

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Cascais August 1st 2013

We left Figueira Da Foz with good winds, unfortunately they were South Westerlies with a bit of swell, this meant a lot of ‘uphill’ sailing which isn’t the most comfortable way to travel. It soon became apparent that Sam was not coping well with the sea state and was becoming more and more incapable of functioning…… I did the gentlemanly thing and turned back to port, not really a hardship as Fig. Foz is a lovely place to be. Two days later the wind had turned around to go in the proper direction and the swell had reduced so we decided to sail overnight down to Cascais. The trip was fine with decent wind most of the way and the next morning we arrived at Cascais Marina. Cascais is probably the most ‘Touristy’ place we have ... read more
cascais 1

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Cascais May 20th 2013

We woke early, really really early ….. Woolly says – dawn was breaking more like, Ian told us it was half seven so with the kettle boiling we all went about our morning wake up rituals, checking Jo’s phone I found that it was actually 6.30am!!!! What a time to wake me up!! For some reason Ian’s roaming time was still on Spanish time but in our cross over into Portugal we had gained an hour and were now on BST again. Not to be downhearted, it was a lovely morning and the sun was coming up along with the temperature, 15 degrees by the time we were packed and ready to go. Woolly says – I was down hearted! But putting my grumps away I sat eagerly looking around me as we headed down the ... read more
Castle Walls
Front of the Cathredral
Looking around

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Cascais October 16th 2010

I´ve just eaten a delicious Cataplana here on the outskirts of Lisbon. So I can´t go to bed until my stomach has processed the nourishment. So I found a free Internet connection to play with. And so to blog. Once again we´ve been spoiled with brilliant sunshine and warm weather. Only 10 weeks to go to Christmas and it still feels like the middle of summer. It´s going to be hard to acclimatize back home. We found the sea fairly cool at first but it seems to have warmed up as the weather became more settled. Yesterday was the first day that I could have swam in the sea all afternoon without chilling. We had problems with the Management Services team. I had to add up lots of sums of money just to find out if ... read more
Algarvian Sunset
Sand Castles

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Cascais September 29th 2010

Resolvi escrever hoje... Depois de 3 meses ou mais... É incrível como só depois que o tempo passa que percebemos o quão rápido passou... Foram 6 meses. Incríveis 6 meses! 6 meses que eu jamais esquecerei! Como pode mais saudade? Saudades de acontecimentos tão recentes? Da praia ontem, de Dublin há duas semanas, de Salamanca há 3 meses, de BCN há 1 mês e meio... Só de lembrar cada festa de Sala, cada passeio em BCN, cada vôo do backpack, cada momento com o primo e com os tios em Lisboa, os olhos enchem-se de lágrimas... Fora isso, a incerteza das decisões a serem tomadas e, principalmente, a incerteza do futuro próximo, contribuem mais ainda pra aumentar essa sensação estranha q agora me acompanha cada dia (e q vai me acompanhar pelas próximas 4 semanas ate ... read more

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