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October 16th 2010
Published: October 16th 2010
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The View from FortalezaThe View from FortalezaThe View from Fortaleza

Looking East to Punta de Piedade
I´ve just eaten a delicious Cataplana here on the outskirts of Lisbon. So I can´t go to bed until my stomach has processed the nourishment. So I found a free Internet connection to play with. And so to blog.

Once again we´ve been spoiled with brilliant sunshine and warm weather. Only 10 weeks to go to Christmas and it still feels like the middle of summer. It´s going to be hard to acclimatize back home. We found the sea fairly cool at first but it seems to have warmed up as the weather became more settled. Yesterday was the first day that I could have swam in the sea all afternoon without chilling.

We had problems with the Management Services team. I had to add up lots of sums of money just to find out if our villa-owning company was wasting any money. (Researchers say that holidays damage peoples´IQs so that must have helped my IQ a bit.) And I had to attend a business meeting at one stage, even though I was on holiday.

I also attended a funeral, another first for me on holiday. It was not such a sombre affair as people expect. Bright sunshine
Algarvian SunsetAlgarvian SunsetAlgarvian Sunset

Just another sunset
outside the church, and moving speeches inside it, made it a less daunting spectacle and more of a celebration of the love and respect inspired by the deceased. And the memorial dinner the following day was indeed memorable.

I still haven´t been for a sail along the Algarve coast - if you exclude a pretty tame sail off Lagos bay a few years ago. But I watched the surfers and yachtsmen with great envy this time. It´s a much more sensible place to go seafaring than the south coast of England. You can definitely enjoy the experience more if you're cautious. (No chilling winds, crowded seas or sudden squalls - and the colourful scenery is so starkly visible.)

We did more exploring in the mountains this time, driving off on side roads that were almost washed away in places. We visited the Sand Sculptures once again - and I've got lots of impressive photos of the talent on show that I will download when I get back to UK. I also found several houses that I´d like to buy, but we´d have to sell up in the UK to afford them and we don´t want to do that
Sand CastlesSand CastlesSand Castles

We never made sandcastles like this in the old days.
yet. And we discovered a great business opportunity for a young couple who would like to take up Villa Maintenance in the Algarve. There's lots of money for someone enterprising over there as the local firms there don´t inspire much confidence. Thje right team could make a financial killing!

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