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July 10th 2012
Published: July 10th 2012
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My old friends, my old baby birds, I am glad you are still folwing as umique as this blog is. I also understand ending a sentence in a prepositieon is not phenotically corect. Everyone was doing handstands and showíng their balancing skills, Doug lasted the longest (thats what she said) and I, as luck would have it, also got poopped on by a large pigeon but it is all good because being pooped on is considered good luck.

oh my goodness, Doug is trying to type right now, and I realize I might not be the most exotic typer but I am doing the job. Triple D has been silenced. Lisbon hsd treated us right, and there are mant picrtures to attesrt to that pouintt. Mainly, MACK AND bRYce HAVE PASSSED OUT BUT dOUG AND I HAVE EXCPERIENed l9ISBON TO THE FULEST. The best part of Lisbon is Double D (Dougie) schucking an oyster at the multipke bars that surround us. Doug is by far our wildcard that never ceases to amaze me.


10th July 2012

a boom boom boom
I see that either the alcohol, keyboard, or a combination of the two is interfering with your typing and sentence structure abilities. I also see that the oyster shucking skills acquired at whole foods has paid dividends. Please give Mack an "oh boy" for me when he rises, along with a spark or 5 to keep his narcolepsy at bay... Hope you guys have the running shoes and hair gel ready for the running with ye old bulls! Be safe and make sure to stretch (that comment is mostly directed at the wild card). Cheers! Brandon
12th July 2012

Balls Deep
It's like your talking in dialect with lots of inside jokes, but none the less keep the info cumming and it's no surprise Triple D will put lots of strange things in his mouth
12th July 2012

I expect topless photos and don't be so cheap go buy a dam cable or card reader to get the pictures of the camera
12th July 2012

Show them how it's done, Doug!!

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